anorexic woman at gym looking good

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-20
On Friday, gym members working out at the local Equinox fitness club cited her invisible physique, prominent bones, and unstable skin tone, confirming that anorexia women working on the first floor looked good.
\"Oh man, she looks great,\" John Stevens, a member of the spring equinox, watched 80-
The pound sexy pot wore a tight spandex dress across the floor, exposing her swollen stomach, muscle tissue, and thin and translucent skin.
\"She\'s so sexy.
\"She\'s been here all the time, and whenever I see her all I can think of is my hand running down her protruding spine to her dry ass,\" he continued, looking up from the treadmill again, take a closer look at the woman\'s tempting, shrinking breasts and long body-like legs.
\"Man, I just want to take her home and divide her into two halves.
Not so difficult.
According to Equinox\'s staff, the beautiful thin woman joined the fitness center when she moved to work in town two years ago and was immediately followed by an absolute elimination, especially her gaunt face and her premature aging body.
Since then, both male and female members have frequently asked the identity of this amazing young woman with a stick, jagged knee and sunken hollow cheekbones.
The staff said that just last week, not less than five secret admirers approached the kiosk and asked the woman who had withered her bones on the same treadmill at 6 in the morning. m.
\"I don\'t know what\'s more cute, the way her sports bra clings to her flat chest while sweating, the way her elbows stretch out sharp angles when she twitch her thin arm, or, in fact, you can wrap your hands around her thighs all the time, \"an anonymous admirer told reporters, adding that whenever she bent over to show off her protruding tailbone, he will be \"very excited \".
\"The curve of her ribs, the charming watery eyes, the shiny scalp peeping from her fragile sparse hair --
She basically got the whole package.
\"I mean, she obviously worked hard for it,\" he added . \" She pointed out that she had strict exercise procedures and a clear commitment to hunger.
\"I wonder if she\'s single.
Wait, what am I talking about?
She can\'t be like this.
Not that kind of body.
\"At the press conference, the anorexia spice girl on her sixth mile treadmill looked as intoxicating and malnourished as ever.
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