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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-15
When it comes to the operation of sportswear companies, many entrepreneurs have lofty ambitions to put their own sportswear companies“Bigger and stronger”,“A hundred years old”Wait, but for some start-up sportswear companies, in the fierce market competition environment, there are many sportswear companies in the same industry. How to let consumers know that your sportswear company exists is to advertise, such as early comparison. Traditional prelude to popular TV commercials, newspapers, etc. (Basketball uniform customization) For example, Shi Zhuzhu's golden partner is to use many advertisements to let consumers go from paying attention to recalling and then adopting successful advertisements; There must be an excellent evaluation mechanism and emergency response plan to avoid the mushrooming of advertisements, and do not make the wrong idea that brand popularity is proportional to the amount of advertisements. Many advertisements not only have a negative effect on consumers, but also waste a lot of money. Money, while paying attention to advertising promotion, improving the quality of products is the key. (Football uniform customization) Nowadays, navigation advertisements, portal advertisements, etc. on the Internet are on the rise; however, the price of the limited media resources constitutes a sharp rise in the price of pre-language resources, such as the price of the middle radio advertising standard king, but sportswear manufacturer companies need to be aware of advertising The good and bad brought by the promotion: On the one hand, the advertising promotion can greatly improve the connotation of the sportswear company's brand itself and the consumer's awareness of the brand.
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