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an a to z of bras

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-06
Anna Kournikova is in 2000, scantily of the handsome tennis star-
The shape of the dress appeared on the Billboard and the advertisement was Berlei\'s \"shock absorber\" series sports bra.
Slogan: \"Only the ball should rebound. \" Bra-
It is believed that women wearing bras are not available, but research suspects that bras will prevent sagging;
In a French study, almost all 250 participants indicated that women agreed not to wear bras for one year, indicating an improvement in firmness and height.
Average size of New Zealand bra
Carol Rashleigh, Bendon\'s official bra, says the size is more like 14C-ologist.
\"It\'s no longer the old magic 12B picture.
\"Doodle Chinese silk Doodle (Stomach cover]
Like being hired as a bust
Flat underwear in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
From, France of bra (English)child\'s vest)
This is a derivative of the old French word braci ère, a arm guard in military uniform and later a breastplate and a female bodice.
In a notorious protest against the 1968 Miss America pageant, a group of women filled a \"free trash can\" with bras, high heels and straps \", but they never lit up because they couldn\'t get permission. G-
Women with a cup of about 70 wear diseases-
Fitted bra.
Therefore, a good fit is calculated: directly measure the circumference of the chest under the breast, increase by 4 inch if it is even, and increase by 5 inch if it is odd.
This is the size of the bra.
For the cup size, subtract the bra size from the bra size (
In the most plump part of the chest).
3 inch is equal to the size of the Cup from A to D, while 10 inch gives you a g.
Howard Hughes has created a steel-wire push-down for his 1943 film, \"criminals-
Jane Russell\'s bra.
It is reported that she did not wear this dress because of her poor health.
According to the British Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2002year-
The old man needs surgery after catching his finger on his girlfriend\'s chest strap.
Jean Paul Gautier pop diva Madonna crammed her bust image into his iconic cone bra on a blonde Heart Tour in 1990.
The black satin bra was snapped up at Christie\'s auction by a Chilean museum for five times the price.
Klum, Heidi is on the outside-year-
The German supermodel is wearing the most expensive bra in the world.
More than 2500 carats of diamonds and Sapphire, worth $10 m.
The patent for \"joint chest pad and underarm shield\" by leshe, Henry leshe, New Yorker, details inflatable rubber and cloth devices that have never been discovered, will \"prevent the armpits of clothes from becoming saturated and stained with sweat, giving their breasts a symmetrical circle.
\"Men\'s bra American company Enell is one of many online companies that offer\" men\'s support vests \"for men with overdeveloped breasts.
On June, engineers at Northumbria Water removed a bra from a sewage pipe in a village near Darlington.
Heavy rain, construction-
Grease behind the offending article (at least a 36C)
The pipe burst and the road collapsed.
Outlaw, Hughes\'s seamless cantilever bra did not appear in the film, but its invention heralds the heyday of the push
\"Bullet bra \".
The Portuguese bra is suti, while the Spanish say sugetador (
From sujetar to hold).
The French prefer soutien-gorge (throat-support)
Germans, Swedes, Danish and Dutch all use \"BH\" from Büstenhalter, bysthllare, brysteholdings and bustehouder \"(bust-holder).
Since 1960, the queen of London, costires Rigby and Piller, have been honored to lift and separate the royal bust.
The Queen never revealed the size of her chest, but the celebrity bra --
Size site on top-average 36B.
This puts HRH in the same league as Carly Simon, Claire Danes and Doris Day.
The inspiring medden-form inventor, Rosenthal, is a savvy businesswoman who sets up the brand with vivid advertising showing pictures of women wearing bras.
The spoken term \"Bra\" is very rare.
Some London rhyming slang dictionaries list the names of the 19 th champion \"Master McGrath\"
The Irish greyhound of the century, while the online city dictionary only provides \"excessive\"
Shoulder Boulder
Bracket and Upperdecker flopper-stopper\".
In 2000, gertape first appeared on the chest of celebrities in Geri Halliwell and Jennifer Lopez, quickly becoming a cautious alternative to bras.
Ultimo threatened to subvert Julia Roberts\'s cleavage in the push of Irene brockwich-up bra.
The Ultimo bra was launched in 1999 and its creator, Michelle Mone, became more than onemillionaire.
The Guinness World Record for Thomas Vogel to unlock the most bras in a minute with one hand is 56, created by Thomas Vogel of Germany in 2006.
In an Internet poll conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Wonderbra ranked fifth in 50 of Canada\'s greatest inventions.
Biggest off-the-
Shelf bra (
Only sold in USA)
Considered 54 LL.
Britain imports more than 100 million bras a year.
A survey of 2006 shows that the British spend 1 pound.
There are 2 billion bras and trousers each year.
Zapper, Piet In 2005 designer Wendy Rameckers designed a breast wall for her lingerie store In Rotterdam.
Ignorant people will not compare with awkward employees, but will think about different problems --
Size of fake Silicon chest. -
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