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Alpinestars Northshore Tech Fleece Textile Jacket

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-10
Alpinestars Northshore Tech Fleece Textile Jacket Reviewed By Gerald from Chicago, IL 'Super-stylish casual jacket' Pros: 1. Reasonable expense. 2. Sharp looking. 3. Doesn't scream 'bike jacket'. 4. Great fit and quality -- reminds me of comparable Patagonia/ArcTeryx tech fleece jackets. 5. Perfect for fall / spring riding (I have a home Chicago). 6. Shoulder / elbow foam pads removable -- appreciate AStars keeping uncover a bargain down -- if i want more protection, I can just move the hard pads from my leather jacket. Cons: Not sure that i consider this a con, but there are no back or chest inserts for suits. Honestly, I'm not sure I would want that much protection in a lightweight piece like this -- I'd probably just wear a leather jacket. More protection could create sense if totally was an a bit more shred-proof, like if it had kevlar weaved into it. Sizing Info: Fits in keeping with size Additional Sizing Notes: I bought the Large size and it fits perfectly -- I wear a 42-44' (US), depending on the fit, and I'm normally a 54 Euro size. Comments: Seriously, this is one kind of those jackets buddies and family will also buy once they look at it. Reasonably priced, great fit, looks sharp, and easily used off the bike as well. Feels like an outdoor tech fleece jacket, but with improvement 'urban' style going without running shoes -- Patagonia and North Face ought to take note come up with stuff like until this. Cut longer in back like many bike jackets. Uses windproof fleece similar as to the you see a great outdoor tech jacket, so expect this to be windproof, and water-resistant (not waterproof). This as well as the AStars Indy are my 2 favorite jackets. Honestly, I can't help but determine AStars will sell a bucket load of these leather coats.
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