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yellow hooded sweatshirt how to make a winnie the pooh costume | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-19
Winnie the Pooh is stupid, lovely, dearLove bear living in a hundred acres of woods, his plush toyanimal friends.British writer A. Winnie the bear was born on 1925.A.Milne began writing about a stuffed bear and other toys belonging to his son.Since then, Winnie the Pooh has inspired Disney movies, TV shows, books and toys.
The bear's plump yellow silhouette and red shirt can easily be converted into outfits suitable for fans of any age or size.Wear a pair of yellow casual pants with a hat jersey.A pullover-The style Jersey is more perfect than the zipper.
Pull a short red T-Shirts on jerseys.
If necessary, TThe shirt exposed the abdomen of the sweatshirt.Wear yellow sneakers or bedroom slippers on your feet.Pull the hood on your head and tie the rope tight.
Cut two round ears-The diameter of adult clothing is about 3 inch, and the diameter of children's clothing is about 2 inch.-Building paper from yellow.To create a tab for attaching ears, make 1/2-Fold the inches on each ear.Apply a piece of weight-duty double-Attach the tape to each label, then attach the ear to the hood.
Apply yellow cosmetics on your face as per the manufacturer's instructions to avoid eyes and mouth.Cover your eyebrows with cosmetics if possible.Draw a little taller eyebrow on the forehead with a black eye pen, and draw a circle on the tip of the nose.
Draw a smile under your lower lip and emphasize each end with a curved cheek line.Decorate the costume with a honey pot made of oatmeal cans.Remove the label from the jar and cover the jar with blue building paper.
Print "HUNNY" on the front of the tank using a permanent mark ".Cut "honey drops" from yellow construction paper and stick them to the jar with glue or tape.If Winnie the Pooh costume is Halloween then the honey pot can do doubleAs a duty to handle containers.
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