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yellow hooded sweatshirt how to make a simba costume | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-18
Fans of Disney's Lion King may choose to dress up as Simba on Halloween.As a lion cub without mane Hair, Simba made a simple model for the costume.Instead of buying clothing, saving money, creating an original, no.
Sew Simba clothing for your child at home.Children can wear a yellow hooded sweatshirt and matching trousers, with some basic craft supplies, and become the hero of the "Lion King.Turn the hooded jersey and casual pants inside to make it look like a lion cub.
Cut a large oval from a brown felt and use the felt as much as possible.Keep the remaining Brown felt scraps.Center the brown oval vertically on the front of the hooded sweatshirt and attach it with hot glue.Let the glue dry overnight.Measure and cut four, 2-by-11-An inch vertical bar on a yellow felt.
Fold each bar vertically, apply hot glue along the inner edge, and flatten and close.Place a heavy book, such as a phone book or dictionary, on the top of the tape to dry them overnight.Draw 5 with Compass-create ears for SimbaCircle in inches on the yellow felt with a compass.
Cut the shape of the circle, then cut the circle into two halves to form two halves.Fold each half circle in half and nail a half circle near the top on both sides of the jersey hood.Bind only along the straight edges of each ear, once connected, separate the rounded edges to form a suitable ear shape.
By arranging 2-forming the tail of Simbaby-11-Inch folding end of vertical felt stripto-At the end, there is about 1/2 overlap between each bar.Nail the pieces together.Cut the remaining pieces of brown felt into smaller edgesLike a fragment, nailed to one end of the tail.Use a stapler to attach the other end of the tail to the back of the casual pants and center under the belt.
Complete the garment with yellow gloves and paint.Draw a pink or black nose on the child's face, along with a beard
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