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womens long running pants women's plus size winter fashion -

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-22
How do you revise the winter fashion trends of this season to please this burly woman?I mean, the model on the show is as big as us.So how do we translate the clothes they are wearing into clothes that are still good for us.Black is in.(Slimming color.Great for any big woman with cool skin tone ).
There are gemstone tones.
So are animal fingerprints.
The same is true of metal materials.
Notice a trend?This happens every winter, so go buy these colors and you will have fresh clothes to wear every winter.Pick the classic outfits you wear every year, just look good and inject your personal style.Be careful though the metal material will make you look bigger.
Save metal materials for shoes, handbags and accessories.Not the belt.For a slim waist, go and buy a thick dark belt.This brings us to the first winter that is essential.
Buy a belt that is very beautiful and suitable for you.A wide belt would be better for larger women as the tight belt looks too soft.This belt can change any dress you wear to add spice to your jeans, skirt and even coat.
The dark wide belt will make your waist look smaller and the shiny metal belt will make your waist look bigger.With a black or dark belt, the buckle is very beautiful.2.Thermal underwear.The weather is really cold in winter.Thermal underwear locks in hot weather so you don't have to wear that many layers to keep warm.
The extra layers add extra volume, which is the last thing you want.Wear thermal underwear under the thinnest jeans you can wear, and under that curve hug sweater, it will be a great winter dress.3.A tight sweater.If you get it, show it off.Show your curves through a tight sweater.Think about 1940 and 1950 of sweater girls.
Go and buy a sweater in gemstone tones.
Hey, black.
The black is black.
Black looks great, you can bring metal accessories, black is losing weight.It's a classic you can wear year after year, season after season.Avoiding anything larger will make you look fat, so go and buy a smooth black dress to make your curves smooth.
Or you can define your waist with a belt.
One of the black plus dress is ideal.
A new pair of extra jeans.
You can dress up your body with a pair of jeans.In winter, if you wear warm trousers, that pair of jeans will keep you warm.6.Black wool tights.Super warm wool.You can wear a pair under your clothes. don't freeze to death.7.Wool coat-women's sizeBuy at least a new coat that really suits your color.
Tie the belt, or bend at the waist, or look more flattering.This is a practical winter classic that you will wear year after year and it can easily hide the extra weight you add during the holidays
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