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womens long running pants how to hem yoga pants | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-23
Customize the length or convert the trousers into the hem yoga pants of capri length.Because yoga pants are usually made of stretch knit fabric, the edge should be wrapped using a stretch machine stitch, because straight or hand stitched stitching may break when the fabric is stretched.Use the built-in machineIn a stretch stitch, or use a narrow zigzag stitch for a neat, sturdy hem yoga pants.
Remove the existing hem stitching with the seam opener, be careful not to tear the fabric.Use a ruler or tape measure the new hem from the floor.Mark the new hem length with a straight needle.
Cut fabric 3/4One inch below the new hem.
The zigzag stitching is used to stitch along the edge of the cropped fabric to prevent wear and support the fabric.Turn the pants over and fold the hem over to a fixed marker pen.Fix the hem using direct selling.Stitched hem 1/4-Use a stretch needle or short zigzag needle in inches below the edge of the finished product and remove the straight needle when passing through the straight needle.
Clip thread end.
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