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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-13
When the strong and passionate minds of two fitness, health and fashion women are combined, the result is an online destination that provides high-quality and stylish sportswear for all.After launching the Launceston store in 2013, their global and local customer base was rewarded.Headquartered at 78 George Street, Launceston, business-savvy ladies bring their fashion first thinking to the sportswear world.
"We have always wanted to build our own online retail business," Courtney said ."."Initially we thought women were fashionable, but the online market was already full of shops and we wanted to try something different."I am a fitness coach and have been teaching for over 10 years, and so is Jessie, who is also interested in health and fitness as a nurse, I think I saw some sportswear in my closet.
"Jess and I noticed a gap in the sportswear market, and just before it really took off, we were really lucky, we were on board when we boarded, it's daily now, whether you're active or not.FITUP stems from their desire to provide functional fitness, leisure and sports clothing for men and women, while also realizing that people want to stay fashionable during exercise.Courtney and Jessie carefully pick each piece to make sure you provide the perfect piece for all the elements of your fitness tour.
"We have about 10 Australian brands and when we first started we went to Sydney to see what was out there and Courtney said:" test them to make sure they are of good quality, and tested in the gym. "."In our women's series, we know what ladies especially like to wear, what it feels like to wear, what they want tights that don't penetrate, and to sit a little higher, to provide additional support.Designed to attract easy men and womenFashion still needs subtle luxury elements.
Sports-Luxury is the foundation of the store concept.Trend pieces from Australian brands and international labels are not readily available in Australia.Whether it's online or instore, FITUP girls can provide you with a seamless shopping experience.
"We want to provide a higher level of service to our customers.xa0"We think about this when shopping, and we can give guidance to our customers because we actually wear products, exercise in products, and know what works best," said Courtney Ney ."."Now that we have a storefront, we can offer personalized service in Launceston.
"For our online store, communication is the key --It is important for us to stay ahead of us before receiving any email or social media messages from our customers.Winter fitness and wellness are the focus of many people over the next few months, and Courtney has her first choice for winter fitness in Tasmania."You have to wear the full length compression tights of Jaggad in winter, and you have to wear a hoodie too.
"Our most popular brands are Jaggad and lilebod, and we are the only retailer of these brands in Launceston
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