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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-31
From the 1970 s to the 80 s, women's suits continued to develop.The skirting suit and custom shirt had been modified at that time.In 1964, designer Andre kureggs introduced the suit, a women's suit that goes with pants.
Later, the suit was gradually adapted into a formal corporate dress.At present, any suit with a conservative cut or dark color, such as black, brown or gray, is considered a corporate dress.During the mid-In the 20 th century, when reporting work or attending formal or semi-formal meetings, the skirting suit gradually became the most typical daytime dress for womenFormal occasion.
During this period, the tailors developed more sets of women's details and softer materials.Also introduced a cocktail suit and halfFormal social gatheringWhenever you have several women's suits in your closet, you will have some of the simplest, most versatile, and most unusual women's dresses.Custom women's suits can help create a look that exudes selfSelf-confidence, all of which are related to the health and tailoring of their bodies.
For weekends and informal evenings, T-Shirt with women's dress is the ideal choice.Stick to slim-Wear a T-shirt and make sure your jewelry shows the casual nature of the outfit.Camisoles, lacy vests and slip-on sling tops are ideal for business suits.
If you are going to take off your suit coat, make sure your coat can be worn by yourself.The women's company suit will make your colleaguesWorkers and customers know they can take you seriously.Choose your suit to reflect a professional mindset, such as looking for strong, neutral colors and few decorations.
If you only want one or two ladies suits, choose a light wool or cotton blend suit so you can put them on in 12 months.Be sure to have a dress set in your closet during an important meeting or interview.You can also pair your wardrobe with Lady pants.
Go out for dinner, live shows or cocktails and you'll want to dress up a little more appropriately.You can dress up a women's company suit with some accessories decoration, or you can wear a more talented woman suit.A pleasant fabric, such as bright leather or silk, or bold print, speaks better than a neutral black suit.
Based on this occasion, you may consider a dress suit.Keep in mind that you will look longer and thinner if you wear a color;A matching designer suit can help you achieve this look.Nevertheless, a pattern can appeal to the features you want to emphasize.
Usually have both the top and bottom of the suit for dry cleaning at the same time, so that they will be put on at the same speed.Make your cleaning steam cleaning kit a little refreshing between dry cleaning.If you wear a suit a lot, you may want to invest in a house steamer to keep the suit fresh.
Be sure to hang them on a sturdy hanger as your suit will look great for a long time
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