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women's t back tank top Now is the time to stamp out sexual assault in Australia

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-22
The hand of a seemingly qualified stranger wandering in your directionxa0It's a terrible thing.Five.xa0According to reports, there was a sexual assault at Marion Bay Falls Festival on 2016But who knows how much else?xa0Eventxa0No report.On Thursday, the waterfall festival organizers broke their silence on the reports, saying on the festival's Facebook page that they were "sad andxa0Interference"xa0Charges.
"Like everyone else, we feel sick and angry because some people feel that they can get in contact with others improperly without their consent," the organizer said .".It's not the time to blame the festival, the police or security-it's time to look at yourself and our values.Whether it's sexual assault, intimidation, orxa0What right does anyone have to keep other people without invitation attentionxa0In a state of constant Super Consciousness?If you think I'm exaggerating, ask the women who have to walk home alone at night.
xa0Avoid the streets of menxa0People, or havexa0Humiliated by a wolf whistle from a passing car.Each of these events may be completely innocent, but we are beginning to be afraid of innocent situations.We should not be afraid at festivals, streets, parties, our own homes, work, or anywhere else.
We need to know that eye contact is not an invitation to close contact.A bump on the shoulderxa0Not a subtle hint of wanting more.Nothing is an invitation to sexual assault.
Mosh pit is a sticky place and I think everyone knows that they will almost certainly be touched by strangers, but there is a big difference between being touched and being touched.What a sad thing is, inxa0The festival is an activity centered on a good atmosphere and has become an activity that you have to keep an eye on too muchA confident stranger looks at you up and downHow many of us were sitting on the mountain, drinking a few glasses of wine, chatting with some friends, when a vest man, a pair of shorts and a bottle of water bottle full of vodka floated through.He lay next to you, held himself up with an arm and asked, "How ?"xa0Go ".
You turn your eyes and look back at your friend because you know that this person doesn't really care how your day is going.Maybe this guy justxa0Looking for a friendly face-to-face chat.Maybe not.While cases like this are not attacks, they are often unwanted.
I believe there are also men outside who feel used and intimidated by women, which is equally disturbing.I know a lot of people get drunk during the festival.xa0May Letxa0But that's not an excuse for them.
There is no excuse.
Then reporting sexual assault brings fear-will this person find out that I have reported sexual assault?Will they be angry?Am I in danger?Reported the alleged incident to five people in falls.xa0It may be scary, but you have become a role model for others.The new year, the new beginning, maybe it's time for us.
xa0Look carefully at ourselves and our culture.The information is simple-xa0Take your hand away
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