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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-10

The cropped trousers have a variety of shapes and lengths.Cropped pants have become a very popular look between shorts and pants.Here are some styles that go well with crop pants or cap pants.
Flip-Flip flops or flip flopsThis shoe is suitable for spring or summer.Flat shoes will work well with cropped pants and you can have a little heel.You need to find a balanced sandals.
Heeled pumps -For a bit of fashion, try wearing an elegant dress shoe with a pointed toe and a medium size toehigh heel.This is a beautiful look and stylish high heels, but can also take the super thick heels from the clothing.
Wedge heels -Capri pants and sandals look natural.Take care of the heel of the wedge heel.You want to make sure that as much skin is displayed on your feet as possible.
Ballet flats-These shoes have long been a style.It's a great look, but be careful if you feel your legs are too heavy or too short.
Tall boots-Knee-high boots can be well matched with cropped pants, as well as wider but as tall Joe.Whether it's flat or high heel, the look is perfect for autumn and works well for tights or bare legs.
Kitten heels-Capri pants look great and the heel is small, ideal for petite women.Slide sandals Stappy, pump Velcro.Be sure to stick to the simpler style.

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