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women's sports bra Meet the man carving a living out of selling D-K-size bras

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-23
Wes Bundy has no intention of becoming an expert in plussize bras.But he cannot ignore the huge gap in the market.At first, his wife thought he was joking.But the 34-year-Old explained to her that the macro-trend showed that the population was changing and that the depression of women was even greater.
\ "I can see that it's hard to get a bra if you're a 14F or 22DD, especially online.Although bra is a daily proposal for most people.Different size standards in different parts of the world, the return cost is very highA bra from an overseas retailer is also in his hands.
Bondi, soxa0Join, launch online plus-In January 2014, bra retailer Curvy, as an independent startup,xa0Co-funded by bra N,xa0Service in plus-size market.(His)xa0Uncle Brett Bundy has bras and other things."I offered to spend six months without pay and to negotiate with all suppliers to achieve this.
"I made up my mind from the beginning," Bondi said .".It's incredible that he didn't spend a penny buying stock, negotiating with his first supplier, offering nearly 100 bras to test the market and put revenue into the business."This is the only time we asked for free stock and we sold out very quickly, which proves that there is a market demand in our online store.
Early on, he was the only person on the team and did his best to answer the customer's questions.The customer was surprised to find a male answering the phone.At first, my knowledge of bra was really lacking.
He said that he overcame the difficulty, took their number and ran to the Bras N Things team downstairs to ask for the answer before calling the customer back."Customers get emotional when they find us.Usually, they have only one beige strap that suits them and have never found a shoulder-less bra or sports bra.
"We always make sure that we have the products that people want.We don't sell a lot of 18 J bras, but we still need to make sure we have them in stock when customers come to look for them.Bondi bought N things braxa0In early 2016, he decided to leave his mark on plus.
Bra market size.
He attributed part of his success to renting a small storage King for $550 a month to escape high Sydney rents and start operations there.\ "I installed the computer next to the bra rack and went into the container work every day.Revenue from Curvy is expected to exceed $1 million this year, up from $580,000 in 2016, and growth is expected to continue.
Like Rob Hango-ignorance can be a powerful advantage when starting an online businessZada, founder of Shippit, said.\ "I didn't know anything about logistics when I launched Shippit, \" Hango-Zada says."This ignorance means that we are not bound by industry norms, nor are we bound by possible and impossible beliefs --Usually held by senior management.
When doing business, it is important to understand your customers and make sure you are trying to solve the problem for them, Hango-Zada says.Shippit now processes 5 million of all logistics bookings per month with turnover exceeding US $.Bondi had previously worked with his uncle to accept a previous offer to handle online franchises for the national jewelry retailer Diva (also owned by his uncle.
He set up online sales in Diva, from a few hundred dollars a week to more than $30,000 a week, and then sold businesses that no longer exist.Until then, Bondi was engaged in international trade at PwC.The surprise curve of providing free gifts for repeat customers has increased the revenue of customers.
He also offers a free shipping service and bears the cost of a free return, which is about 10-20 per cent.The web service that tracks customer's expected arrival date and after-sales delivery emails also boosted sales."My wife thought I knew her mom and sister's bra size was fun, but she was really supportive of me," said Bondi, "even if I didn't even have any income in the first six months .
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