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women's sports bra after breast augmentation - buying your first bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-09
After breast augmentation, you may want to go out and buy a new bra.It's so exciting when you raise the size of a cup or so, and one of the coolest things to do with your breasts is that you can upgrade.But it's really important for you to stick to it for a while.In fact, the longer you buy a new bra, the better your life will be.In the first few weeks, you may want to get something a week or two after the breast is healed.Some women bought new bras a few days after breast augmentation.It is OK to do so, but you should follow the doctor's instructions carefully.The reason they tell you to wait is that you won't get the right treatment.Your doctor will give it to you.op bra to wear.It may be ugly and uncomfortable, but the purpose is to help your breasts heal correctly.If they don't, you will have real trouble!The post-The Op bra is a bit like a sports bra and its purpose is to hold everything together until the stitches heal.What about the expansion you might get-After a week or two, you can buy it, but there is a good reason before you buy anything fancy.There will be some swelling in the area around the incision.This is completely normal and it can last for a few months, although many women find that they will drop in a few weeks.This swelling affects the size of your bra.For this reason, most doctors recommend buying something cheap immediately after breast implants and waiting until after about 5 months for real shopping.Of course, you can ask this question to your plastic surgeon.The technique of choosing a bra for shopping after surgery is very interesting.But this is actually a big challenge.After all, you have to reinstall it once!This is especially difficult for women who are petite and have larger breasts.You may want to find a professional tailor before you spend a lot of money.You can do it yourself at home with a tape measure, but it's just one --You can use her size to make sure your new breasts reach the perfect size.One more thing to consider is availability.Before the surgery, when you decide what size to go to, remember what size is available in the place you like to shop.In other words, don't be too big, you have to order bras specially on the Internet!Consider this before you finish your work.It's fun to buy a bra after breast augmentation.But wait until your plastic surgeon says your swelling is good and the suture is healed.
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