women's running apparel company Janji makes running and workout clothes that support clean water initiatives around the world — here's what they're like

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-24
women's running apparel company Janji makes running and workout clothes that support clean water initiatives around the world — here\'s what they\'re like
Insider pick wrote that products and services can help you navigate when shopping online.Insider Inc.When you buy through our link, get commission from our affiliate partners, but our reports and suggestions are always independent and objective.Water: as we know, it is the foundation of life and is essential to our survival.Nevertheless, as the most important resource on Earth, many of us still take it for granted.Things that should be seen as sacred gifts from the planet we share are generally considered infinite and always open for everyone.We take hour-Long showers as de-Pressure, wash the toilet after each use anyway, throw halfThe water bottle was completed because of the event venue, not because we spent money in it.These wasteful luxuries illustrate how privileged we are, and perhaps we do not know.Even if it doesn't affect your daily life (or at any time), getting clean water is a problem for millions of people around the world.While an organization cannot solve the problem on its own, a startup called Janji is doing its part to raise awareness through an unconventional approach: running and providing for crisesJanji created a men's and women's running clothing series for countries affected by the global water crisis, and then donated 5% of the proceeds to clean water initiatives in those countries.The first thing we write is Boston.Last year, running launched the Ugandan apparel brand.Now, the brand has launched a new series of 2019 spring and summer.This time, Janji landed in Cambodia, a former Communist country that is steadily developing and improving its infrastructure to become the subject of collection.I tried some of the latest series of men's wear styles and discussed with the founders how they used running to make positive changes around the world and why they chose Cambodia as the latest collection, and what initiatives are specifically supported by the new collection.If you're more interested in learning Janji's products than learning the stories behind them, you can scroll down to my review of the clothing itself at the bottom of the article.Otherwise, you can continue to read and learn more about Janji's mission.Running is a worldwide sport.It has the ability to break down cultural barriers and unite athletes from all over the world.Unfortunately, the lack of clean water that is critical to hydration can prevent athletes in poor areas from reaching their full performance potential and running just to love the sport.At the heart of Janji founder David Spandorfer and Mike Burnstein are runners who want to change this for other runners and anyone who needs clean water."Running can help you explore, connect, and really create substantial changes --Whether it's in yourself or in the world around you, "Spandorfer told Business Insider."Running is something most of us can do, it can build connections, and we think it's the only best way to look at the world."Once Janji has chosen a country to design a collection, it strives to highlight the country's victory, beauty and culture through design."We chose to work with Cambodia because it has a wealth of heritage and inspiration," Spandorfer said .".This is a country full of artistic atmosphere, a vibrant city and a beautiful park.The country has been growing since the dark days of the Khmer Rouge, but there are still unexplored areas to venture out of the old path."Especially in Cambodia, Janji and a non-Government organizations committed to improving the health of rural communities in Cambodia by increasing access to clean water, sanitation and health education."Clear Cambodia is using biological and filtration systems to have a huge impact across Cambodia, resulting in cleaning, pathogens --"Free low-cost water," Bernstein told Business Insider ."."It's exciting to think about the impact Janji's community can have through our partnership with the organization."The principle of branding alone is commendable, but after putting on a couple of clothes from the new Cambodia series and the previous Bolivia series, I can say Janji is more than just a good business.I found this crew neck jersey shorts and T-shirtThe shirts I tried were comfortable and of good quality.Keep reading and learn my whole thoughts on the following three pieces: Of the three pieces I 've tried from Janji, my favorite is the circuit crew jumper.This is a very sporty runner costume, but it also has a style that is suitable for casual wear.This jersey is made by the brand's proprietary HI-2-Low knit fabric, made of a blend of cotton, recycled polyester and elastic fibers for stretching.Part of my favorite sweater is the big side bag when traveling.Many sportswear brands are trying to integrate storage rooms together, but few of the branded storage rooms are large enough to accommodate passports or at least a pair of headphones.When I was in the gym I found it big enough to hold my big iPhone Xs Max and car keys.Features like this and reflective signs on the back also make it clear that the design of this piece takes into account the traveling runners.I also like the crew being able to tell part of the Cambodian story by color.Especially the color of the smog is washedGreen inspired by the usually blurry sky over Angkor Wat temples.The Runpaca T-One of Janji's best shirtsSales design-The new Cambodia series has a special-Version processing.Inspired by Southeast Asian batik textile, this Runpaca comes with manualA colorful dot pattern symbolizing raindrops.The shirt itself is made of soft pima cotton and sea wavesAllergy, smell-Resistant to camel wool.The mixture of materials is natural moisture sweat and temperature adjustment and provides a comfortable lower-to-skin feel.Some T-The shirt has a rough, slightly worn, or itchy feeling that gets more and more uncomfortable as it moves, but that's not the case here.My workout included running and lifting weights and I was comfortable throughout the process.This dress is not in advance.Shrink, so be careful when cleaning or drying in hot water.It's better to cool it to cold water and then put it flat to dry.I decided and 7-Bolivia series inch refrigeration shorts as they are a little longer than other versions of the Cambodia series.While it seems like a lot of $64 for shorts, I think they are well worth it.They're built in.In a boxer short liner with four pockets hidden on each side.Comfortable and practical design, solved two problems for meAfter each workout I had to readjust my underwear and shorts and had to worry about falling out of my pocket while exercising.While people who usually exercise in the gym can easily lock their belongings in a car or Locker, for outdoor runners who need to carry necessities such as mobile phones, wallets and keys, they will play a bigger role.
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