women's running apparel company Athleisure wear catching on

by: INGOR     2019-08-24
women's running apparel company Athleisure wear catching on
The U.S.The clothing industry is still booming, hit by a slowdown in shopping malls and stagnant wage growth: sports.This outfit, which combines sports and casual clothing, is pushing sales under foot lockers, Old Navy and armor as more Americans wear sportswear --Whether they are exercising or not, they must have fashionable equipment.More and more women wear yoga pants and trendy casual pants instead of jeans or casual pants.For many people, sneakers and hoodies have become overalls.This leads to a shift from traditional casual clothing to comfort and nonefrills looks.Retailers have noticed that chain stores from Macy's to urban fitters are expanding this category."You'll see more women wearing tights and sports pants," Foot Locker's chief executive Ken Hicks said at the company's second meeting last week.Quarterly earnings callWomen wear it outside the gym because it is "convenient and looks better and stylish."This is supported by broader industry sales.While U.S.In the 12 months ended February, sales of women's clothing increased by 1% and sportswear increased by 9% to $14.5 billion, according to data from market research firm NPD Group.Foot Locker, the largest sports shoe chain, has improved its women's business by adding more sportswear, including sports bras, to its women's Foot Locker store.It has also set up a new chain called liu:02, which has about 15 locations dedicated to yoga and running.Lady Foot Locker unit got the proceeds in the same timeThe company said store sales in the previous quarter.This helped Foot Locker achieve a total gain of 7%, more than the analyst's estimate.At Gap, the Old Navy was the company's star actor last quarter.San Francisco said last week that the sameStore sales grew by 4%, in part because it had a wide variety of cropped track pants and vests, the chain said.Gap started the trend in 2011 when it opened its first Athleta store, a store that blends show gear and street fashion.The chain plans to have 100 locations by the end of the year.Under Armour also believes that the company raised its annual sales forecast last month and achieved revenue growth of more than 20% for 17 consecutive quarters, a trend that provides momentum for the growth of motor capacity.Under Armour, founded by CEO Kevin Plank as a maleFocused companies have been trying to expand their appeal.Its redesigned store form will be lockersThe room theme of natural light, pleasant color and 10 times the mannequin to attract women who are loyal to luumon yoga costumes.Under Armour says 75% of its revenue comes from clothing."Women are increasingly wearing more sports products outside the gym," Plank said in a conference call with analysts last month .".The company plans to cater to the shift, he said, as women discover "new end-use for the lower party "."Matt Townsend and Lindsay Rupp are Bloomberg writers.E-Postage: mtownsend9 @ bloomberg ).Net, lrupp2 @ bloomberg ).
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