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women's mesh tank top How to Make a Rhinestone Bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-01
The diamond bra can add a major pizza to any outfit.They are perfect for music festivals, nightclubs or simply decorating your wardrobe.For Subtle sparks, apply a diamond bra under a vest or cardigan.You can also wear it alone for bold looks.Regardless of your style, you can make a diamond bra with less money than you bought at the underwear store.

Measure the width and height of a chest Cup.These sizes help determine the size of the drill design.

Plan your design before gluing the rhinestones to the bra.This reduces the chance of error and prevents the need to reposition after you glue the rhinestones down, which can get messy and potentially ruin your bra.The design starts with a basic grid pattern made of two rows of Rhine stones with several small Rhine stones on both sides.

Insist that each drill bra has a small amount of glue applied to the rear.When you finish the design, do it one by one.Toothpicks make it easier to apply glue to smaller rhinestones.

Create a line by gluing the outermost rhinestones first (fill in the space between them later ).This simple trick centers the pattern and maintains a uniform spacing.Grid design is a guide for this pattern.First locate the top and bottom rhinestones of the center vertical line.

Use a tape measure to determine the midpoint between the two rhinestones.Add a drill at the midpoint.

Complete the single line by gluing the rhinestones in the space between the positions you have positioned.For stripe designs, just create multiple lines in the same way.

You can also get rows of rhinestones through each other.Add a drill on each side of the center drill, and be careful to keep the space between the drills even.

Add more rhinestones as needed.If you want, you can weave small rhinestones between larger ones.

Complete the basic guide and then add the remaining rhinestones to complete your design.

To finish your bra, repeat the pattern on another Cup.Dry the bra for 24 hours.
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