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women's mesh tank top How to Make a Peasant Blouse Out of a Button-Down Shirt

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-01
The farmer's shirt is warm weather, reminiscent of a carefree summer day.Over the years, fashion idols have given a breeze of charm and style.You can also have an iconic summer style by recreating an old, tired buttonTurned into an off-the-Shoulder boho shirt.

Put on the shirt and mark the location of the new neckline with a washable marker pen.Add 1/1/2 to the hem.

Take off the shirt, lay flat and mark the new neckline on the entire shirt with a washable marker pen.

Cross the two layers of the shirt from shoulder to shoulder.

If there is a button at the hem of the new neckline, remove it with the seam opener.

Create a new neckline hem by folding down the original edge of 1/4 and pressing it with an iron.Fold down 1/4 and press again.

Nail the new neckline.

Sew a new neckline hem with a versatile 90/14-pin.When you sew, be sure to remove the pin.

Measure your shoulders with a tape measure.Subtract 1 inch from this number and cut a piece of 3/4-This measured inch elasticity.

Overlap the elastic ends and connect them together using a saw stitch.Go back and forth on the stitching several times.

Fold the elasticity in half and then in half.Mark the folds of each quarter with a washable marker pen.

Match the four marks on the elastic band with the center front, center back and sides of the neckline.

The side of the shirt is located at each mark just below the hem of the new neckline.

Sew the elastic band on the shirt with a saw stitch.Stretch the elasticity to match the side and center marks when you stitch.
Coat your new farmer's shirt on the vest, unlock a few buttons at the bottom and tie the end with a stylish knot.Paired with jeans, maxi skirts, leggings or shorts, it looks stylish while enjoying warm weather.
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