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women's mesh tank top How to Make a Maxi Skirt

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-01
Maxi skirt is made of knitted or cotton cloth and only three seams can be sewn, which is a good sewing item for beginners.In addition, it is the perfect wardrobe staple for the transition season.Wear it now with vests and sandals and later with cowboy buttons, scarves and boots ---This dress can be worn all year round!

Measure your natural waist circumference with a tape measure.Hip repeat, 2 inch increase in hip measurement.(If fabric is used, add 6 inch to the hip measurement ).
Next, measure from the waist to the floor to determine the length of the skirt you want.Increase the measurement by 1 inch.

Fold your fabric in half so that selvage will meet on the side.Use your length measurement to measure the length you want from the top of the fabric.Cut out two pieces of fabric, the length from the edge of the roll to the edge of the roll.
Divide the hip measurement by 4.As the fabric is still folded, cut a curved line from the bottom hem of the skirt and gradually tilt towards the top of the skirt to cut off the front and back patterns of the skirt.The top waist of the skirt should be the same size as the hip (divided by 4 ).

Fold the fabric in half again and cut the two belt pattern pieces with the same width as the upper skirt by 3 1/2.

Put together the pattern blocks on the front and back of your maxi skirt.Using 1/2-nail and stitch side seamsAn inch seam allowance and a small straight or set of needles.

Place the two belt pattern blocks together, secure and stitch the side seams.

Match the side seams and slide the belt together to the top on the right side of the skirt.Fix the upper edges together and stitch and 1/2-Seam allowance in inches.Fold the belt up and press the seam up.

Fold the top edge of the belt 1/2 to the wrong side and press.Fold the belt half to the inside of the skirt and surround the original belt seam.All around are pin belts.Sew With a long straight needle, leave 2-inch opening.

With your waist size, cut a elastic band according to the size.
Connect the safety pin to one end of the elastic band.Insert the safety pin into the opening of the Belt and slide the safety pin all the way through the belt.When the safety pin slides in, make sure to grab the other end of the elasticity.
Fix the overlapping elastic ends together and make sure your elasticity is not distorted inside the belt before doing so.Sew a rectangular box on the overlapping elasticity and fix it with straight seams.Fully pull the elasticity into the Belt and complete the sewing of the belt closure.

Fold the bottom of your maxi skirt 1/2 to the wrong side and press.Fold 3/4 again and press to surround the original edge.Sew on the bottom with a long straight needle, double needle or cover needle.

For clean and professional finish, always make clothes according to your hand.This ensures that they look best at all times!
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