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women's mesh tank top How to Cut an Oversize V-Neck Into a Tank Top

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-01
An oversize v-The neck shirt has a lot of potential to redesign the project, allowing you to have enough fabric to match, or to choose to create a new design with a tight or loose fit.The tank top is a simple refitting, especially if you use the existing tank you like as a pattern.Typical JerseyShirt fabric does not wear out when cutting, so you can simply leave the edges of the new vest as they are, or feel free to put them at the hem for a more perfect look.

Large v-The neck of the flat surface makes the seam of the side and shoulder straight.Smooth the fabric so there will be no wrinkles.

Put the top of the tank in front of v-neck shirt.Arrange it so that the shoulder seam of the tank follows v-neck shirt.Fix the tank to v-Neck shirt at shoulder joint.Don't worry about the location of the neckline at this stage.

Pull the side seam of the tank outward so that the main body of the tank is as wide as possible without excessiveStretch fabric.Fix the tank to v-Neck at the side seam.

Trace along the side seam and outer edge of the arm part of the tank--1/2 from fabric edge--Use fabric marking.Track 1-if you want a looser figure-Seam inches or more from the side of the tank.

Take the tank from v-neck shirt.Cut along the tracked lines with fabric scissors while passing through the front and back of the shirt.

Turn over the cropped shirt so the right side of the fabric can be faced.Nail along the edge, then sew a new edge seam with a narrow zigzag line.Leave a 1/2-Seam allowance in inches.

Try to open the tank and stand in front of the mirror.Decide if you want to leave the existing v-The neck is intact or a new neckline is cut.If you want a new neckline, take off the tank and smooth it and track a new neckline on the front and back of the fabric.You can do this by tracing around the neckline at the top of the tank you used before, or using a circular object as a template, such as a plate.Cut off the new neckline.

Try opening the tank again.Decide whether to leave the existing lower hem the same to accommodate a longer tank or trim the tank to a shorter length.If you want it to be shorter, place a pin with a marker or draw a point to indicate the level of the new hem.Remove the tank, level, cut 1-Below the marked inch, make sure it is parallel to the old hem.

Decide if you want the edges of the cut to remain the same-In this case, they naturally curl at the edge ---Or if you want to tidy them up.To bring the tank hem, fold the fabric edge 1/2 along the outer arm section and the necklineinch.Sew needles and stitches in narrow zigzag shapes.1-fold the lower hem to the wrong sideinch, and sew.
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