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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-31
When you think of men's underwear, the first thing you usually think of is the classic Speedo.Like all other men's suits, Speedo is essentially designed with V-The front of the shape and a solid rear, worn below the lower part of the waist.These designed swimsuits are usually fixed with elastic belts or pull ropes.These swim trunks are now made of nylon and spandex composites, but can sometimes be made of polyester.These underpants are most popular with water sports players and are considered standard clothing in competitive diving and water polo competitions.The reason why Speedo is popular is that this dress reduces the water resistance experienced by the wearer.Speedo used to be a popular beach outfit in some European countries, not uncommon on beaches in the United States, but has lost many advantages in modern swimsuit types, such as board shorts.Swimming trunks are the second form of the men's swimwear we will see.Swimming trunks are usually made of polyester or nylon.The swim trunks also feature a faster dry mesh lining and are secured by an elastic belt or pull rope similar to the swim trunks.The length of the swim trunks is shorter than the shorts, but longer than the boxing shorts.This swimsuit has been used since 1940 and is still a popular swimsuit form in North America.Like Speedo, fewer and fewer people buy suitcases under the impact of modern fashion.The next category is the square leg suit, a male swimsuit designed to fit.It is also widely regarded as a suit for men.Like Speedo, the square leg set is produced using elastic fibers and nylon composites and is usually also used for diving and water balls.This swimsuit is a more conservative style for men's swimsuits and is very popular in their 1950 s compared to speedos.Since then, this style of swimsuit has lost its visibility but has been re-establishedPopularized in the United States and Europe in 2006.
In competitive water sports, athletes usually use swimming suits called "distractions.Jammers is a swimsuit that looks like a bicycle tights.Jammers has gained popularity in water sports because it can provide speed advantages for wearers.As a result, most major swimwear companies such as Speedo, Diana, TYR and bluesevent y produce different versions of this swimwear for competitive purposes.Elastic materials include elastic fibers and nylon.The male swimsuit is also designed to fit in shape to reduce the resistance of the wearer in the water.
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