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women's elastic waist shorts how to loosen an elastic waistband

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-01

Money for transformation--Maybe new clothes.You can usually adjust up to 3 inch on your existing belt.Stretch the elastic waist of your shorts and make sure there is enough fabric to meet your needs.Use a seam opener in the inner center of the garment to remove the stitches that close the seam of the belt shell, about 2 inch in each direction.Work hard in the welllit space.Remove any stitches found through the elastic band around the entire belt.Usually, you will find a row of stitches in the belt elasticity at the center of the belt to prevent rolling-Sometimes more than one, sometimes none.After removing the stitching, the elastic band will pass freely through the belt.Pull up a elastic band and fix it to the left and right to prevent it from retracting into the casing.Through the elastic band.Cut a piece of elasticity that is the same as the elastic width in the garment and the length you want to extend the waist, usually between 1 1/2 and 2 inch.Set the sewing machine to a wide zigzag line trace and a short trace length.Loosen the side of the elastic band and pull out the elastic band that is easy enough to manipulate.Tie the two elastic bands together, without overlapping, and sew them together with zigzag stitching to grab each side of the elastic band.Sew the elasticity at the other end in the same way, be careful that the elasticity is straight without distortion.Stretch out the belt of the clothes and pull the elastic belt into the shell.Fix the Housing together and align and fold with the rest of the belt.Sew the belt tight while pulling the fabric straight.Don't catch the elastic band in this seam.If there is no central stitching through the center of the elastic center you have to tear off, please skip this step.Straighten the belt and elastic band and cross the center of the elastic band around the garment.If the garment has several lines of stitching, you have to remove them in step 2 and replace them as well. Welcome to get more latest news about shorts in Ingor.                              

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