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women's elastic waist shorts how to alter an elastic waistband | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-01
There is often a great pair of pants coming up and they may need to change their belts.Fortunately, this is very feasible when it comes to the change of the elastic belt.With the help of friends, for an extra pair of hands, or yourself, you should be able to change the size of the elastic belt for a better fit.

Put on your clothes.Wearing clothes when modified helps ensure proper fit.

Cut the seams of the clothes, be careful not to cut the elasticity itself.Pull out elasticity and measure how much less is needed.Fold it up and put a safety pin on it;Keep the elasticity off so you'll have a sense of fit when you're done.Find a comfortable fit.

Sew the elastic band in the already folded position and remove the safety pin.

Sew the clothes at the seams and fold them up to make up for the smaller belt problem.
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