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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-28
When the GTL and T of the first part of the day-Shirt time in the evening!!The story is all about the shirt you had in front of your shirt.That's right. now it's 12: 10. everyone knows it's T-Shirt Time!!What is T-Shirt Time?You put on fresh to dead shoes, jeans and shirts.But you don't wear a shirt when you go outIt's the shirt in front of the shirt.
Even Vinnie is on his shirt.
You have a lot of wives, they are vests in white or black.You wear it before you go out.You sit on the Chester Court on top of the tank until T-Shirt Time!Just before you go out, you take off the tank and put on your sharp shirt.This is your first time in a rodeo competition?These are not animals in the zoo, they run on the beach!For those unfamiliar, the gorilla Juiceheads are huge, tall Guidos, all stimulated by growth hormone or steroids.
Although New York and New Jersey are inherent and are usually found on Boardwalk in Seaside Heights, it is clear that there are several gorilla juicer that can be detected in southern Florida.Like J-Woww and Snooki have been looking for Tan Guidos, and I bet Sam might have estimated Ronnie to be her own gorilla."As far as I know, there is really no jiduo culture there," J-Not long ago, Woww was released on Rolling Stone.
"I came here to go to college and I have a boyfriend who likes it very much and that's why I get used to it.As Jenny mentioned in the first season, "I saw a bunch of gorilla juicer.Like a variety of growth hormones, high, completely suppressed, steroids.
This is the type of attraction I am attracted.\"-J-As Vinnie said, WOWW, GTL gym on Jersey coast, tanning, washing clothes ,\"...How they made Guidos ".If you don't go to the gym and get ripped, it doesn't make much sense to take HGH and Roids.
If you don't go to the gym, you don't look very commendable.Tanning is an inherent part of the motto because you don't want to look pale.A strong light attracts interest in the guide words at high temperatures.
For some guides like Snooki, Tan even plays an important role in their race.Look, bro, everyone needs to wash their clothes, right?If you want to be fresh to death, cleaning the laundry room every day is a big deal.If you want to be a Bink, you have to have a clean line, my buddy.
GFF no grenade Foundation what is a grenade?Grenade is a huge, earsThe divided woman (who is sometimes vulnerable to violence) does her best to keep her Spice Girl from hooking up with you at the club.She knows she won't give up anything and she doesn't want her girlfriend to be positive either!When a grenade is submitted, a wingman is generally considered mandatory.The wingman was expected to "dive on a grenade" to distract her previous annoyance strategy.
If the winger is strong at the sacrifice, then the chances of you being subdued will be greatly increased.The GFF or grenade-free foundation is a group of young but growing guidans who are committed to helping themselves and their peers escape the pain of going home, when drunk and unable to realize this, there are plenty of hot women.Fortunately, there is no registered action or fee to be a member of GFF and people just have to set up new practices to prevent many zoo animals from wandering around the club.
This shirt is just an arrogant way to portray the way you choose to live and elevate this philosophy to like-minded people anywhere you like to wear it.There has been some conversation about the grenades men persuaded, but there is very little evidence that men will take any form of a block plan with their comrades, especially to let the other party know that this is T-Shirt Time!!If you are not a DTF, there is no doubt that your life is very monotonous...just sayin\'.What does DTF mean?The attitude we take is that no one is really sure what this cut means.
Dance before the age of four?So full?Facing fistdump?This is interesting because you can tell what DTF means.Isn't that great?The dirty little hamster is the opposite of the clean little hamster, and there is something very interesting about this situation --Our favorite is the padded and dirty little hamster!If you happen to be the kind of person who leaves used personal hygiene materials in public places that your roommate has to deal with, and you will not give your home deodorant under any circumstances, you may not know, but you are a dirty little hamster!Most dirty little hamsters are so used to living at home with their relatives that they simply don't know how much work they need to do to clean up.Most hamsters do not know the fact that they have begun to understand others to clean them up.
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