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women's black tank top how boho clothes can cover flaws -

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-08
Over the years, after years of fashion trends and envy on beautiful clothes worn by thin models, I found one or two boho tricks for our burly women.Thank God because we can now cover our flaws while in fashionable clothes.Hey, if you're a woman with a perfect figure, skip this section, but if you're a figure plus like me, then here are some tips for you.Top women-Heavy chest and/or shoulders are too big for a person's height) usually looks better and the size below the waist is larger.A suitable maxi or midi skirt (not too full and not too tight) can balance the outline of the fullness or triangle.Heavy women at the bottom can use these hippiesDress for their big ass and huge hip camouflage fashion.However, most pearsWomen in shape need to puffedSleeves or UpperGive their clothes the right balance.Most of the time, a belt or clip --At the waist will make such a dress just right.A light, loose, luxurious top with fun but subtle details that will make you look sexy and subtle.In addition, a luxury shirt or pure unstructured jacket worn on a camping skirt or sleeveless top will disguise a heavy arm or help balance the bottomHeavy outline.A luxurious cafe or kimono (long or short) can be used in a similar way by changing the appearance of traditional boring clothing, such as a black vest with black trousers or a long shirt T-shirtshirt dress.For centuries, the style of the Eastern European Gypsy has been worn by everyday women.Now that we can make these outfits with elastic fabrics, the range of fashion options has become very wide, I think designers are just starting to learn how to make flattering outfits that can be sold online, without worrying about the obvious defects of clothing e-commerce: the return factor.It is possible to stretch, pack, layer and pull into some kind of flattering garment that can shape or flatten the shape of most women and even add dimensions.When I say I can cover your traffic, I don't mean girls with only a large size.I mean the women who are too thin.You don't need to bend to like boho.With the right boho clothes, thin women can look flat or give them a little curve.The Maxi dress is the perfect choice for these.A short skirt with a kimono top can also do wonders.
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