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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-28
Summer is coming and the temperature on the roof is soaring.Even thin cotton TThe shirt seems to stick to your body and suffocate you.You smile at yourselfThis is the perfect excuse to take out your vest!Or the vests that we 've been talking about have always been there, but never really caught up with the trend.
Practical and practical is the term that defines this absolutely cool and trendy outfit.The trick is to show off it and make you look sexy and stylish without any effort.Just go with a pair of shorts or rough jeans.
For an extra smart look, wear half or all of the unbuckledSleeve shirt on it.It is true that these vests are not suitable for all occasions and are not suitable for all body types.They are ideal if you are near the pool, by the sea, in a crowded meeting or in a rock show.
They are also widely used when exercising or sweating in the gym.As for the right body-Not for you.Ideal for men with arm musclesThe structure of the building they showedGood place to workout body.It's perfect for hunters to show their big biceps and tri-Let the head turn.
But make sure you don't have any extra vests.The big arm hole does not show what is necessary.At present, the online men's vest style has a more close-fitting sleeve hole and neckline, and will not sag too much.
So not only is it your wellBuild muscular arms and have the opportunity to play peek-a-Shhh, it also highlights your abs.But the mantra here is to keep it goodFit, don't be too tight.Enhance your style dynamics with the hottest colors and prints.
In addition, the usual blue, gray and black, choose bright colors such as green, red and even pink.To get rid of the solid color, contrast.Big print-time in vogue.Large print patterns or small floral patterns can make your men's printed vests a hot topic in town.There is a large male head with a floral pattern, which is irresistible.
It tied the temperament of men with the temperament of women.Stripes and geometric patterns look elegant as well.There are a lot of black and white men's vests online that look cool.
The men's printed vest style makes a style statement with contrast neckline and sleeve holes, Button meal pads and a single chest pocket.Therefore, the humble vest is not just a vest now.It has matured and is entering from the bedroom --The door to greater public view.
Do you have enough fashion to bring it with you?
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