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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-21
There are very few movies.Starring Olivia NewtonJohn and John TravoltaThe musical, which was released in 1978, tells how its main characters, Sandy and Danny, fell in love, and also shows us a history of 1950.-Costume inspiration.Many of the items you need to represent your favorite characters are available in your closet and in your local thrift store.Including "Lady Pink "."These women all have their own style, especially in terms of hair styles.
from the movie.
-High shiny blackWaist leggings and an off-the-shoulder form-Black shirt.With a wide black belt.-Pink shorts and shortsRed cufflinks-down blouse.A red belt ends from the look.-It all starts with a pooch skirt or shape with a horn --Fitted pencil skirtAdd a short-Long-sleeved sweater or T-shirtThe shirts and tops are pink satin jackets.
Another option for a pink satin jacket is to wear a cardigan that is draped over the shoulder.If you can't find pooch skirts in thrift stores, they are a quick sewing project that is simple enough for beginners.You can buy the lion dog skirt pattern at the sewing shop.
Create a custom design on your poodle skirt using the felt cut and fusible interface that is pressed on the skirt.Saddle shoes for white socks go with almost all ladies.Wear red high heels or mules while dressing up in a black carnival look.
It's all about girls bangs.
A tall horse tail, a scarf around the elastic band, is the right hairstyle for long hair.If your hair is short, try a lot of Perm.Look at the scene of Frankie Avalon.The scarf of Pink Lady is popular.They work around the neck, around the hair, or around the ponytail.Bright red lipstick is as iconic to Rizzo as it is to Sandy.
The T-The identity of the bird is first of all a black leather jacket and oily hair.Almost everything you need to complete the men's clothing can be found in your closet, which is just a matter of folding a few sleeves and trouser legs.-Black straight-A pair of tight black t-pantsshirt.
Roll up t-sleeveShirt a few times.
-One of Danny's best known outfits is the black suit and pink shirt he wears while dancing.Must have pink socks and pink pocketsIf you want to replicate the look, then there is.-All men are dressed in dark colors.Leg Jeans rolled twice at the bottom cuff.
A simple white shirt with sleeves rolled up and a black leather jacket on it.Use white iron-Create a T on vinyl-Add the bird logo on the back of a faux leather jacket.You can also use the same technique to add names to the Pink Lady's jacket.
High boots in black canvasTops are the first choice for men.If you want Danny's dance look, the shiny black dress shoes can finish the costume.It's all because of grease for boys.Brush your hair up and back with a large amount of shiny gel or hair oil with a comb.
The men in the movie often put a pack of cigarettes in their rolled-up shirt sleeves.Although boys don't like to wear clothes as girls do, they often plug headscarves in the back pockets of jeans
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