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winter running leggings The B&E Launceston Ten training program - week two

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-20
The first step is the longest.Promise you the right training planxa0You will line up at the starting line on Sunday, June 15, and believe you willxa0Not only will this 10 km event be completed, you will also enjoy the experience.This is a unique competition.It is located in the coldest state in Australia.xa0In winter, so you need to learn to train in the dark and perform in the cold.
We havexa0Develop a 9 week training program to help you achieve all of this.Launceston athlete Kate peidley knows everything about our training under unique conditions.At the 400 m World Youth Championships in Jamaicaxa0Launceston tenxa0Less than 35 minutes last year.
Kate has worked with us.
xa0You nine.
Weekly training program tailored to Launceston conditions.Do youxa0These three programs only want to reach the finish line or run in less than 45 minutesxa0Help you achieve your ten goals in Launceston.Every week, we provide local advice and information to keep your training going smoothly.
To keep you motivated, we will also introduce a local runner every week.1.Make a date.Participate in the event and find training partners.Having a goal will help you.xa0Complete the training program and reach the end on June 15.
Not as cold as you think!The problem with running in winter is that you have to make a certain sacrifice.Yes.xa0At first you are willing to be frozen and painful so that most runs are frozenxa0Is it comfortable or is it a nice jacket to start with and bake?Wear warm clothes, but don't be too warm.Unfortunately, you will be the mostxa0It will be comfortable if you start a little cold.
Yes, go out in a light jacket.
xa0The temperature seems crazy, but you will warm up in a few minutes.xa0Very comfortable.Wearing too much clothes at first will make you sweatxa0Uncomfortable, so sacrifice comfort at the beginning for later performances.3.• do some warm-In order to help prevent muscle strain, you must do two or three minutes of moderate exercise indoors before departure, such as walking on the treadmill, skipping ropexa0Or do a few sets of stairs and stretch them.
Warm up in winterxa0Stretching inside can be a better option as you are more likely to stretchxa0Thoroughly in a warm and comfortable environment than thoroughly in the cold.4.A layer of success.Layering allows warm air from the body to act as an insulator.For you.xa0This is a lightweight synthetic garment that is ideal for distributing moisture from the skin.
However, wool is once again welcomed in mid-range formAnd light base.Woolxa0It is natural to resist the smell, so it does not need to be reversedMicrobial treatment and itxa0Excellent warmth.Other non-Moisture capture by synthetic materialsIf you sweatxa0Your clothes will get wet, causing discomfort and scratches.
Your middle part should be insulated while keeping moisture.Partitionxa0Technology is popular, which basically means thick insulation like woolxa0Different fabrics in specific places of the jacket, such as the core, under the arm andxa0Under the sleeves.When running outside for a long time, you may need the third layer, suchxa0Lightweight, wind-proof, waterproofWaterproof, breathable jacket.
• Thin long wool jumper.
Wear a Hat.
The traditional view is that we lose up to 80% of our body heat throughxa0That's why you should know that conventional wisdom is oftenxa0It's completely fake.You won't lose more heat thanxa0Anywhere else in your body, but you usually (hopefully so?) Wear the most clothesxa0Other placesWearing a hat can keep your ears and head warm and also save energyxa0Prevent the body from spreading heat into the atmosphere.6.You will always apply sunscreen in the summer, our UV index is very highxa0The same rule applies to winter.
When running in the wind and rain, it is a good idea to protect yourself.xa0Eyes with glassesYou can also apply a layer of Vaseline on your face and lipsxa0Prevent wind and cold.7.To keep warm and water, your winter running shoes should be the leastxa0Number of entries.
Use sweat or waterproof socks.
Don't run on the ice.
On our cold morning, watch out for the dark ice on the sidewalks and roads.Your shoes.xa0Will instantly become skates.9.Change quickly afterOnce you stop running, your core body temperature drops rapidly.To avoid a Cold Warxa0Even the body temperature is too low, change wet clotheshead to toe -As long as you can.
Wear a dry hat on wet hair.
Drink something hot-this is a good reasonxa0Go to the coffee shop after running, change clothes with their bathroom, then relax with hot waterxa0Chocolate.10.On Sunday 15, it is possible for you to run (or walk) 10 km in the rain or in the windxa0June, so running in any weather will adapt your character to any situation.However, be preparedOn rainy days, indoors,xa0The wind makes running too unpleasant, or a big Frost means your favorite running route is too cold.
You can't compete with the experience of running outdoors,xa0Bad run will only weaken your confidence and make no sense so adjust or delayxa0Or a treadmill.Note: This is a walking run project designed to get you through Launcestonxa010 injuredTechnology has made it possible for us to expect results now.Your bodyxa0This does not work.Don't try to do more even if you feel OK.If, on the other handxa0Hand, you find the program too laborious, just stick it out.
Don't feel stressed.
xa0Continue faster than you can.
Repeat for a few weeks if needed, only inxa0You think you're ready.Always run easily at a comfortable enough speed to allow you to chatxa0For your running partner.5 min walk.Stretch (see training tips below ).Run 10 minutes in 1 minute, 1xa0A few minutes walk.
It was cold after five minutes.
Cross training 45-60 minutes (see cross training notes below ).5 min walk.Stretch (see training tips below ).Run 10 minutes in 1 minute, 1xa0A few minutes walk.It was cold after five minutes.Stretch.Rest days (training instructions below ).Cross training 45-5 min walk.Stretch (see training tips below ).Run 10 minutes in 1 minute, 1xa0A few minutes walk.
It was cold after five minutes.
Note: In order to break this hour, you needxa0End of nine weeks.To accomplish this task, be sure to reach this speed slowly.xa0Launceston 10 injuries freeTechnology has made it possible for us to expect results now.
That's not how your body works.
Don't try to do more even if you feel OK.
If,xa0On the other hand, you find the program too laborious, just stick it out.Can't Feelxa0Continue to stress faster than you.Repeat for a few weeks and move if neededxa0Only when you feel that you are ready will you be ahead.
Always run at a comfortable pacexa0Enough for you to chat with your running partner.There will be hard meetings later!10 minutes walk/jogging warm up.Stretch (see training tips below ).30 -Run for 45 minutes at a consistent and comfortable pace.
Finish in 5 minutesxa0It's cold.
Cross training 45-60 mins.
10 minutes walk/jogging warm up.
Stretch (see training tips below ).
30 -Run for 45 minutes at a consistent and comfortable pace.Finish in 5 minutesxa0It's cold.Stretch.Cross training 45-10 minutes walk/jogging warm up.Stretch (see training tips below ).30 -Run for 45 minutes at a consistent and comfortable pace.
Finish in 5 minutesxa0It's cold.
Note: This project is only suitable for experienced runners who already have.xa0Sound level of running fitness.First you need to be able to run below 4 minutesxa0Kilometers.Weightlifting is a good choice for cross-training.
Recovery means stop andxa0Walk to get your heart and muscles back before the next effort.As our days get cooler, it's crucial to warm up and cool down.Warming Upxa0Up is a great way to convey the clear message you want to your bodyxa0Become active in the body.
In this way, your heart and legs can be adjusted.xa0Correct.To warn you, start with a brisk walk and run easilyxa0About a few minutes.Then enjoy some gentle stretching (never stretchingxa0Start your project.
When you finish runningxa0For a few minutes, cool by very slow running and last walkxa0Exercise for a few minutes.Stretch completed.Keep warmUps and coolxa0Ups and downs can greatly help reduce muscle pain and improve yourxa0The whole recovery process.Many runners keep seeing the same running damage coming up and theyxa0It is usually avoidable.
Some running muscles are overstretched,xa0Especially the hips, causing the body to move in an inefficient mode and hurtxa0This often happens due to this compensation.Find every extensionxa0You love your hamstring, hips and back.Never stretchxa0Or stick to the level of pain.
Stretch your muscles to relaxxa0Your body can work as well as when you run.Cross-training refers to other important wonderful exercises.xa0Part of the program.Including swimming, cyclingRiding, hiking, Pilates,xa0Yoga, dog walking.
The beauty of cross training is that it helps to increasexa0While running, your fitness level-Rest your muscles.• Hydrate.Hydrate.In cool conditions, an easy trap to fall into is to forget to replenish water.Even in the coldxa0Weather we sweat with water, lubricate joints, tendons and ligaments, andxa0Deliver blood effectively to major organsDehydration can lead to your blood.
xa0Reduced volume, which reduces your body's ability to deliver heat and strengthxa0Your heart beats faster and makes it difficult for your body to adapt to cardioxa0Demand.Don't wait until you are thirsty.Drink early and oftenevery day.Your body will not be able to adapt if you do not take the time to perform the appropriate R & Rxa0Your training.You won't be stronger or faster.Ignore recovery, youxa0Will begin to lose strength and speed.
It's so easy to get carried awayxa0The wonderful feeling of your new fitness-but if you don't take a break you'll fallxa0Known as the terrible black hole of overtraining
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