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white yoga pants why rishikesh inspires so many foreigners? - travel

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-31
When you first enter the Lakshman ula area, you will notice a sudden shift in the whole atmosphere, especially if you come to Rishikesh from Haridwar.The contradiction of Ruishi Kaishi is prominent all over the world,On the one hand, you can say that this place is one of the most sacred Hindu places in India, on the other hand, you feel that you have come to a colorful place, shops, roads, yoga pants and temporary braids dominate hotels and even ashram.However, you will like this contradiction because of the strange tranquility that appears in the land of the sages.
Rishikesh reminds an imaginary capital of yoga where the combination of strong, pristine nature, raging rivers, sacred signs and foreigners with curious insight createsThe relaxed and humble atmosphere has attracted many true Hindus and spiritual dabbles.
So why do foreigners keep coming to this place in the world?The main reason is that the yoga movement has started since the Beatles landed in reichesh.After getting good publicity from a wider world view, yoga stuff is growing exponentially here, and a lot of people seem really moved by the aura of this place.
The stark contrast between Haridwar and Rishikesh creates subtle boundaries in the nature of travel.Haridwar is a fully Temple-oriented Hindu place, while Rishikesh is a place of tranquility, meditation and nature.Unfortunately, over the past decade, Rishi Kaishi has witnessed a dramatic increase in business, such as the mushrooming yoga studio, Ayurvedic, and all the excitement of "seeking magic"
The cafes on both sides of Lakshman ula prove the popularity of Western culture in reichesh.You just stroll along the banks of the river Ganga, witness posters and ashram of all sizes and shapes, and teach a lot of different yogis and other alternative therapies.There is almost no traffic on the east side, you can easily walk for an hour or so and occasionally pull by because of the rush taxi and motorcycle.This is also a great place for all kinds of exquisite and exotic shopping, with many small shops selling Indian clothes, Thai fishermen's pajamas, yoga mats, gems, Tibetan artworks, spiritual souvenirs, hindu religious signs and many roadside cafes.

Although you will find traffic busy before 8: 00Nine o'clock P.M. in the alley and on the road of reichesh, but no one can deny this overwhelming calm.Although cattle and monkeys are everywhere, this is probably the most critical point for foreigners to enjoy the place.The busiest place in reichesh is near Ram Jhula, where you can see fewer foreigners and more Indians with lots of big gray fields and bustling
Parma Niketan ashram is one of the oldest ashram in reshikesh;In front of the huge white Shiva statue in meditation, Ganga Alti is something that people should not miss.There are two types of ashram in reichesh;Part is small Ashram lined up near Swarga Ashram, and the other part is large Ashram on the other side of Ram Jhula.
Many foreigners stay in the dojo to learn Hindu scriptures and yoga.They don't mind eating basic food or sleeping on the floor or even in Indian toilets.The main revelation is to draw the essence of Indian religion from this Holy Land.Some people are even involved in learning Indian music and astrology.
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