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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-18
Every time I wear a white top, my lunch always includes sambar or anything with ketchup.Every time I drink a glass of red wine, my coat turns white ---Complete despair.Whenever I need to change a flat tire, climb the gate, hug a tree, then stand by a man waving an uncovered pencil, dip the sushi roll in soy sauce, or have a chicken paste, my coat turned white.
What happens in every situation is predictable, but surprisingly a white shirt has this incredible ability to pull spills, acrylic or casual paintballs.No matter what you are doing or where you are, if the top is White then a stain is around the corner.Once in a while, I shudder over the buffet, hoping to fly a spoonful of dal tadka.
After decades of observation, I found that my white top had never been completed in one day, with no trace of aliens and accidental stains on it.The previous time, before this week, my top wiped a cup of coffee, which was sprinkled on the table some time ago ---incredible.Casual conversations with friends suggest that this love-to-white connection is not unusual or special to me.
A friend said that he splashed Parak panna while dining at the wedding reception, even though parnar rolled down from the plate and landed on his sneakers, palak little found a way through his coat ---Incredible again.For safety reasons, why don't you wear a translucent raincoat on a white top?Cyclists wear a cloakcoat during the hottest summer to make sure their white tops don't pile up dust throughout the trip.Why is snow shirt so demanding?This is driven by the timeless arrow white shirt established ten years ago.
White is considered complex, and its connection with the classics stems from Britain and the United States at the end of the 19 th century, when summer white was the symbol of leisure and the territory of the rich.Since it is easy for white people to land, it is not recommended by the working class to do so.It is generally believed that white reflects heat and makes you feel warmer.
it is the perfect dress for summer.
It "matches" with anything else you might be exercising "---Pink pants or lavender shorts must be worn.I respect the person who has no flaws on the white top the most.It shows fashion and sophistication
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