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what is a sweatshirt how to solve a rubix cube theme party - a1articles

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-04
Not only is it a math challenge in the early 80 s, it's also the most colorful party idea you'll see.
If you are looking for the best party ideas, I suggest you go to the Rubik's Cube theme party.The goal of the Rubik's Cube party is to change every dress you wear into a color before the evening.Guests should come to the Rubik's Cube theme party and wear one dress of each different color from the famous Rubik's Cube game.Guests must exchange during the party, so at the end of the party they will find themselves wearing a color.
Rule: you have to wear only the six Rubik's Cube colors of orange, blue, green, yellow, white and red.Also, every item of your dress should be clearly a color, for example, if you choose to wear an orange shirt, it must be orange instead of mixing with other colors.Here's a good suggestion: red pants, blue shirts, orange hats, white socks, yellow shoes and green sunglasses.
No food, drinks, no decor of course, every party is incomplete.For example, you can provide drinks with Rubik's Cube colorOrange juice, Blue Hawaii, and more colorful drinks.Prepare colorful appetizers, onion dipping sauce, and all the other ideas you may have for unique, colorful foods.
The best music you can choose for this kind of party is of course the post-80 s music, first of all because it is a very good music that people always like to dance, second, because the Rubik's Cube was invented in the early 80 s, it could be a real explosion in the past.

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