tunic hooded sweatshirt California school district issues ban on controversial hooded sweatshirts

by: INGOR     2019-08-17
tunic hooded sweatshirt California school district issues ban on controversial hooded sweatshirts
Hoodie, a cool T-SHIRT -Chronicles Photo/CHRIS hardy hoodie, a cool new T-SHIRT -Chronicle Photo/CHRIS HARDYThe Jersey zips through the hood, completely covering the face, turning it into a mask, and it's almost impossible to know who is below.They look more like Halloween costumes than casual costumes.Some photos are like a Mexican wrestling mask or Kiss, a member of the band;Others look like gas masks, alien heads, or skulls.They are the fashion manifesto of some, but for the managers of the Unified School District of Capistrano, Orange County, there is a danger lurking under the hood.Students were banned from wearing hoodies at high school last Saturday.School officials send emailEmails to parents tell them to buy Christmas gifts accordingly."Before you finish your holiday gift purchase, we want you to know that any jersey that goes through the hood (mask or not)" is not allowed at school ,"mail said.The problem, school administrators say, is that someone can hide behind a mask."There is no way to determine who the child is," said Tom Resler, principal of Capistrano Valley High."Generally speaking, we don't think this is a good thing.It gives children the chance to do bad things."The hoodie also makes it easier for strangers to sneak into the campus," said Resler.Even if students wear the hood, they can blur their faces in seconds.Mr. Resler said that teachers and managers only saw a few students wearing a hoodie and no one wearing a mask, but officials at Capistrano Valley decided last Tuesday to ban them before they became a trend.Soon after, other schools in the area followed.The dress code for Capistrano Valley says students cannot wear clothes that cover their faces.Hats are not allowed and students wearing a normal hooded sweatshirt must keep their heads bare.The campus is full of plain hoodie, but the students say the masked hoodie is the latest craze, sometimes called "boy burqas ".Sergio Magana, 17, a senior at Capistrano Valley, is seeing some of his favorite hip-Street dance artists such as kenywester, Lupe Fiasco, sports."They brought this style and we came with it," Magana said .".A friend owns a hoodie of the same style as West, with a skeleton on the jersey and a skull on the hood.A hoodie from Magana turned him into a band-covered Benjamin Franklin.Magana saw two holes in Franklin's eyes.He bought it at a local skateboard shop for $70."It's hot inside," he said .""But other than that, it's comfortable."Other people think that a hoodie is a fashion faux pas."From the girl's point of view, they are ugly," said Lisa Harlow, two and 16."No one wants to see a skeleton running around."The hoodie is an exception to the Capistrano Unified high school dress code, which mainly limits things like midriff-Exposed underwear and shirts.Resler said it was one of the first outfits that clothing school officials saw as necessary to warn parents not to buy."Maybe if you live in Detroit, maybe you need it to protect yourself from the cold, but last time I checked it, it's not a problem in California," said Resler.
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