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tights Men's Guide to Women's Fashion: Pants Edition

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-13
tights Men\'s Guide to Women\'s Fashion: Pants Edition

I recently found out in discussions with men that when we talk about clothes, you guys don't know what women are talking about.If you think tights and leggings are the same thing, then you are wrong!If you don't even realize that there is something called "tights", then you are really in trouble.As a woman, I would like to help clarify some of the confusion you may have encountered.
While breaking some female fashion terms, I was shocked to realize that it was impossible for a center to cover the whole theme.I think we are so complicated!I have decided that this is a series that needs someone to solve and it looks like someone is me.Please join me in this version: women's pants!

From some of my other centers, you can probably see that I believe leggings are the most confusing pants of all time.Not only are men completely confused by them, but some women are clearly confused as well.Let me break it down for you.

-In fact, leggings are thicker than tights and usually do not attach feet.

-Jeggings is a combination of denim and spandex.They are as tight as leggings and often wear in the same way, but they are slightly different.Jeggings will always look like skinny jeans, even if they feel like leggings.

-When compared to other thicker pants, such as jeans or dress pants, leggings are actually thinner and tighter.They are going to wear it with long shirts, skirts, coats or skirts.Leggings are especially flattering when you want to wear short skirts or skirts, but if there is nothing to wear underneath, it may not be appropriate.

-Leggings never glow at the bottom of the leg, but yoga pants often glow.Yoga pants are also usually thicker than leggings.That's why wearing a short shirt with yoga pants is more socially acceptable than leggings.
It's easy to understand why all this is so confusing for men.This confused women.I have seen many women in leggings as if they were ordinary pants.

Still very thin, elastic pants.The purpose is always to wear them in a flattering way with a long shirt or skirt.This also doesn't help when websites and ads often confuse the terminology of leggings, egg pants, and yoga pants.

Most men seem to be fans of yoga pants.I think that's because, as mentioned earlier, women usually feel more comfortable wearing shorter shirts, vests, sports bras and other minimal top options with yoga pants.They are usually thicker than leggings.Also, many yoga pants stand out at the bottom of the leg, so they don't feel as exposed as leggings.
Of course, in order to further confuse men, I recently noticed the trend of yoga pants.Now, some yoga pants can be stretched on their legs like leggings all the time.

On the other hand, it seems that all this information has not been flooded yet, with some yoga pants having the so-called "folding" feature and some not.This means that the waist of the pants can sometimes be folded down with some extra fabric.This is usually different from the other colors of the pants and usually has cute patterns.I don't know why this is the case;I think it's just to make them more stylish and there's actually no real purpose.
It doesn't seem like all of this is confusing enough to let me break your other stuff: yoga pants don't even wear on yoga a lot!I usually only see women in shorts in yoga classes.I'm sure there are some girls doing yoga in yoga pants, but 9 out of 10, when you see a lady wearing yoga pants, just because they are comfortable.Of course, maybe she just came from the gym or jogging, but don't just assume that.We ladies hope you think we have been working hard.

When I was wearing yoga pantsNote that "yoga" does not even appear in the activity list?

Tights are not even pants, but I think I will throw them here because tights will confuse men.Tights are not trousers.Occasionally, I see a girl in tights in the mall, not even too lazy to wear a skirt or skirt.Let me tell you guys, it's a little bit far from that girl!She is too forgetful to even wear clothes.No tights, no pants.

off.You see that girl and you think it's normal.It is not!
The pantyhose is basically a pantyhose, but it's really thick.They are usually tights with feet but no feet.Some women choose to wear no insole tights under the skirt and look similar to leggings, but don't confuse you.Tights without feet are thinner than leggings and will never be trousers.Tights are very fashionable now, because many tights have interesting patterns and colors.They also tend to be a better place than the underpants hose, which is great.

Capris is another outfit that can easily confuse men.Capris is just a pair of pants that don't go all the way to the ankle.This can't be confused with ankle long pants.Longer than capri pants.Capris should also not be confused with urban shorts shorter than capris.Confused yet?Yes, so do I.
Basically, capris is not as long as normal pants, but longer than shorts.

, cotton, etc.Yes, leggings can be the length of Capri.Yes, so are jeans.To make things more complicated, the nine-point pants are also like Capri pants.In some cases, these terms are used to describe pants of the same type.However, some fashion ads say cropped pants are a little longer than capris.When I wrote this, I realized why men are so confused about women's fashion.Only so many choices are confusing for everyone.

The best way I can describe skinny jeans is that they are the cross between jeans and jeans.They are super skinny jeans.Basically, they are mostly made from Cowboys, but they are elastic enough to make them elastic.Like other jeans, they usually have zippers, buttons and pockets.However, they tighten their skin like egg skins.
Due to their extreme tightness, some people actually find that they are not as "elegant" as ordinary jeans, as elegant as jeans.Jeans, leggings and yoga pants are prohibited in schools.I personally feel that the reputation of tight jeans is getting worse because they are much thicker than leggings, but I guess that tight jeans are tight no matter what for some people.On the side, tight jeans look great with boots, which is why many women choose to wear boots instead of classic jeans.
If you are confused when you see a woman wearing what you think is a tight jeans, but it turns out that they are wearing tight jeans and vice versa, that's fine.From a distance, it is difficult to distinguish between the two.Unless you are the one wearing tight jeans, sometimes no one can understand.

I'm sure we all understand basic things like jeans, kha pants, and dress pants, and I'll assume you guys have covered those things.I want to say that now in the dress pants department, sometimes it looks like a lie.

Actually very deceptive.They have the look of snapshots, buttons and dress pants;However, all of this is actually fake and they have a belt that is as elastic as a yoga pants.Ah, the happy time the office brought me!
I think we women do have some confusing fashion.Sometimes it's hard for us to keep up.If you are a person reading this, I hope I can clarify something for you.Most likely, I'm just making you more confused and I'm sorry for that.If in doubt, maybe you can check this center and get at least some information from it.Good luck to you!

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