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tights how to brighten up a black dress - fashion

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-23
The little black dress is a must-have item in any woman's closet --If you need to get dressed for the last time, you can take out somethingDinner invitation.Since Black is a very forgiving color, your skirt is perfect when you are not very confident about your body.While LBD is great, if you want to avoid looking funny, it's better to add some color somewhere so your outfit still has a unique twist to help you stand out from all the other LBD wearers.
Make-Up: if your entire outfit is black, then use some brightly colored, sparkling cosmetics --Up is a good way to light it Up.You can risk with shades as you don't have to worry about the color of your choice conflicts with black --Make sure they fit your eyes and skin tone.If you're really bold, you might want to use shades of several colors on your eyes to get the most impact, or add a little charm with bold red lipstick.
Tights: wearing some colorful tights and high heels is a great way to give your LBD a trendy edge.There are many kinds of fashionable tights, from single color to bright animal print patterns, stripes, and even colorful fishing nets.If you want to hand over all kinds of fashion tights at any given time, shop online, where you can find better varieties and lower prices than on the street.
Hair: wearing a bright scarf on your hair will make you stand out.Or, if you're going to a special formal event, what about a colorful hat or hat?Some women even dye their hair in bright colors on special occasions to give the hair extra luster and brilliance.Jewelry: a thick bead necklace, some Dangdang earrings or statement bracelets will make you instantly interested in a dress, because your dress is black, so which color do you chooseDon't go too far because too much jewelry looks cheesy.
The necklace does not match the earrings.
no -As a matter of fact, many people would say, where are these two projects related, should be/or.Shoes: The same is true of footwear.If you see those red high heels in the shop window, it may be time to snap them up now, as wearing LBD is the perfect way to showcase your premium footwear range.If you ever thought about buying a pair of rainbowsThe color of sparkling high heels is now your chance to wear them.
Also, it is well known that a pair of high heels will make your legs stretched immediately --Especially when wearing black tights
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