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tights Full statement from the judge who sentenced Rolf Harris

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-17
But the jury's verdict suggests that you were also a sex offender between 1969 and 1986 --Twelve indecent offences were committed against four victims aged between 8 and 19.There are some aggravating features.Because of your celebrity status, you took advantage of your trust in you and committed "a" (Count 1), "B" (Count 2) to your three victims) li tongya (10-12).All of your crimes related to "c" (count 3-9) violated the trust of her parents in you, two of which happened in her own home.
In any case, the age gap between you and your victims is quite large.When someone else is present or nearby, you are obviously excited about the crime.While these people are not aware of what you are doing, their presence increases the pain of your victims.
It is clear from the evidence that what you have done has a significant adverse effect on every victim, especially on the "c" that has suffered serious psychological harm as a result ".None of the victims had the confidence to complain at the time.Everyone, including Tonya Lee, especially the "c", showed considerable courage when they finally came forward to testify.
You have not regretted your crime at all.
Your current reputation has been ruined and your honor has been taken away, but no one can blame you but yourself.According to the first count, you attacked "a" on 1969 (she was 8 and you were 39 ".That's what you did when you showed up at Leigh Park Community Center in Havant and she asked you for a signature.
There were other people present.
Using your celebrity identity, you put your hand on the skirt between her legs twice and touch her clothes with a vagina.In her victim impact statement "a", I'm sure it's true that you think her childhood was innocent --To this end, she blamed herself and became an angry child and teenager who could not express herself or trust a man.She continued: "Most of my life was carrying what Rolf Harris did to me, and it took away my childhood, and from the moment he attacked me, itSome of the things he did to me for fun, brought me physical and mental pain for his own happiness, and then maybe forgot as quickly as he did, to me.
In the second count, I have no doubt that you attacked "B" on July 1978 (when she was 16 years old ".You're 48 years old.You did this on the day you played the star game of Jesus Green in Cambridge.You joke around and take advantage of the fact that she's a little in awe.
There were other people present.
You touched her ass and squeezed her left hip several times.In her statement of victim impact, she said, among other things: "… Rolf Harris used me and made me feel ashamed.An adult can feel powerless about what I do.
He used me as a toy he played for his own happiness, regardless of what he caused, and then continued his life as if nothing had happened .......In the 1960 s, c and her family began to live across the road from you and your family in Sydenham.She became the best friend with your daughter, Bindy.
At the end of 1978, when "c" is 13 years old and you are 48 years old, the parents of "c" allow you to take her to Canada, Hawaii and Australia for vacation with your wife Bindi.Her parents trust you to take care of their daughter and continue to do so after the holidays.There is no doubt that you like "c" even when you are young ".
I make it clear that I am not going to sentence you about what happened that holiday, but I believe that, according to the jury's verdict, "c" provides true evidence of what happened, this is your indecent attack on that holiday, making you more emboldened to commit crimes against her in this country.In the third count, you rudely attacked "c" in the second half of 1980, when she was 15 and you were 50.You moved to Bray and visited "cs" with your wife ".
You have violated trust and the crimes committed in "c"'s own home have further exacerbated the situation.You leave your wife and c's parents downstairs and then you go to the bedroom of c on the top floor of the house.You spit on the fingers of one hand, put that hand on her jeans and shorts, and penetrate her vagina digitally.
The episode lasted about a minute until she managed to escape.1980 after Christmas you rudely attacked "c" when she was 15 and you were 50 ".You visited "c" with your wife again ".Once again, you have violated trust, and the crimes committed in her home have further exacerbated the situation.
When you walk to the TV room on the first floor, you leave your wife and c's parents downstairs.You spit on the fingers of one hand, put that hand on her overalls and shorts, and penetrate her vagina digitally.It was not until she managed to escape that you continued for a minute.
Count 5 and 6 from an event during the fall of 1980 to Easter 1981, when "c" was 15 years old and you were 50 years old."C" is visiting Bindi in Bray and her parents allow her to stay in one of the two single beds in the Bindi room.After Bindi got up, when she and/or your wife were in the House, once again violated trust and you walked into the bedroom that was still in bed.
You take her pants down, spit on the fingers of one of your hands, then digitally penetrate her vagina (count 5), and then, you bend your glasses down to her vagina and start licking it (count 6 )-Continue until she closes her legs and pushes you away.Counts 7 and 8 come from another single event during the fall of 1980 to Easter 1981, so when "c" is still 15 years old and you are 50 years old."C" came again to Bindi in Bray and slept in one of the two single beds in the Bindi room.
This time, when Bindy is still sleeping in bed and "c" is on the other bed, again you violate trust and pull the "c" pants to her ankles, spit on the fingers of one hand and penetrate her vagina digitally (count 7) and then you lick her vagina again, looking at Bindi Like You (She's still sleeping) (count 8 )-Continue until "c" closes her leg and pushes you away.On 1984, when she was 19 and you were 54, you attacked "c" rashly ".Once she and her mother visited your wife in Bray.
"C" is using the indoor pool when you enter in your swimming trunks.Your wife and Mrs. "c" (someone who trusts you) retreated to another place in the house and then you touched the breast of "c" and put one hand in herWhile I have not sentenced you for what you did to "c" in the decade after the crime, I believe that the crime against her lasted until 1994.In fact, on your behalf, it is noted that you have not committed any further crimes since then.
'C' said in her victim impact statement, "… The attack made me feel dirty, dirty and disgusting.The whole dirty story hurt me.I have a panic attack and I am anxious.The impact of abuse has been with me for many years.I started drinking from 14 to 15.This is to stop his influence on what I have done.
This has had an impact on my relationship with my parents and the people around me.The slightest thing will upset me, I will be very angry, my reaction will be very out of proportion, even above the peak.As a young girl, I am eager to have a career, settle down and have a family.
However, this has never been achieved as a direct result of his actions.I never had a meaningful relationship when I was awake.I have never been able to keep a job.This is because he needs to stop what he does to me by drinking.
Rolf Harris caught me and made me tremble ...... He made me feel like a personality.His use and abuse of me reached a level that made me feel worthless...I was abused by someone who thought he could get away with it.
He made me feel like I didn't believe it, and as a result I suffered in silence.This has had a negative impact on my life and health ......”.Given the "c" and the evidence provided by the doctors and consultants who treated her at trial, I have no doubt that it was your offence against her that led to her becoming an alcoholic for many years, so (as I already mentioned) you caused her a serious psychological injuryOn May 31, 1986, when Tonya Lee was 15 and you were 56, you attacked her unkindly.
She was one of the shopping center troupes from Sydney, Australia, when she was traveling in the UK.You know the lady in charge of the group and, at her invitation, she attended the last show of the group touring south London.After that, you accompanied them to a public place called the Queen's arm.
In the presence of others, you have committed a crime.Taking advantage of your celebrity status, you have Donia sit on your knees, put your hand on the thigh under her skirt, and put it on her vagina, put it on her tights and panties and touch her until she finds an excuse to escapeYou followed her to the toilet and waited outside.11 and 12 counts were caused by an incident after she came out.
Others, though not present, are nearby.
You held her with a strong Bear, put a hand in her top and bra, played with one of her breasts for about 30 seconds, stroked and squeezed it (Then, soon, you're under her skirt, moving the same hand under her tights and shorts, and the quick numbers penetrate through her vaginaThen you stopped and walked away.In an email from Australia, Tonya Lee wrote that what you did to her was a turning point that she had never recovered in her life.She said, among other things, "... What Rolf Harris took from me was my self-belief and more of my ability to feel safe.
I have never felt safe since then.
I have been living in anxiety all the time ".She went on to describe the difficulties she and her children had faced since then and continued: "… What Mr. Harris took from me was my essence.As the parties have invited me, I continue to do so, that (consistent with her evidence at trial) your offence is not the only reason for the Tony Lee issue.
That was in 1990, after it stopped, when the "c" of an alcoholic finally told her family what you did to her.On 1997, she confronted you and you sent that letter to her father in the hope of avoiding or minimizing the consequences.You were successful at that stage, but it was only because she was not fit to face an official complaint.
However, after her courageous recovery from alcohol abuse, with extensive consultation and support from her family, in the fall of 2012, the final complaint of "c" begins with a series of incidents that lead to your prosecution and conviction.I apply the method of sentencing for historic offences set out in Annex B to the current sentencing committee final guidelines and take into account the guidance given by the court of appeal in the judgment under the Attorney General's Reference (No.(R v. Stuart Hall) No. 38, 2013xa0[2014] 1 Cr.App.R.(S.) 61.The maximum sentence for Count 1 is one of five years' imprisonment, and each count 2-This is one of two years in prison, 10 per count-This is one of 10 years in prison.
In addition to the counts 10 and 11, today's equivalent offences attract a higher maximum sentence.For example, in Count 1, today's equivalent offence is a sexual assault against a child, with a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison, which may involve a starting point for imprisonment of about one year.For the purposes of Counts 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 12, the equivalent offence today is an infiltration attack, with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, and possibly, involving the starting point for sentencing count 3 to approximately 8 years' imprisonment (taking into account the severity of the psychological injury to "c ), 4, 5, 7 and 9, and the starting point of imprisonment for about 4 years on counts 12.
(1)xa0xa0These crimes are short-lived and opportunistic in addition to "c.(2)xa0xa0In fact, since 1994, you have lived a life of integrity without previous beliefs --Although the attorney general stressed in his reference that this must be tempered by reality, because you have escaped the crime for many years.(3)xa0xa0In fact, you have a good side, there are a lot of people who know you who rate you well, and you have been working on some charity for years.
(4)xa0xa0xa0In fact, as evidenced by Dr.
Fertleman's report, your health is in poor condition and, therefore, despite your ability to serve a sentence, it will be particularly difficult for you.(5)xa0xa0As evidenced by Dr. Mitchell's report, your wife, you help take care of her and have all sorts of health problemsFox.(6)xa0xa0You should be able to spend your old age with your family.
I have no doubt that, although your age and other matters on your behalf that are relied upon to mitigate the punishment, in view of the seriousness of the crime, especially those related to "c) I have only determined the extent to which the aggravating character of the sentence of immediate imprisonment is appropriate for each.It is wise not to make the opposite argument on your behalf.Some sentences are continuous.When passing on these sentences, I firmly remember the general principle and reduce some sentences that would have passed accordingly.
Count 1:xa0xa0xa0xa0Nine months in prison.Count 11xa0xa0xa0xa0He was also sentenced to nine months' imprisonment.Thus, a sentence of five years and nine months was imposed.
Unless released earlier, you will be permitted to release within the remaining sentence, serving half of your sentence.If you violate the terms of the permit, including committing further offences, you will have the potential to be recalled.Your conviction means that you are automatically bound by the notification requirements of 2003 of the Sexual Offences Act, and you will also be considered by the provisions of 2006 of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Act.
In my opinion, I should not make any compensation.The issues involved are too complicated and the information before me is not enough for me to do so correctly.However, you will pay the costs of prosecution in due course in an agreed or assessed amount.
I order that a copy of Dr.
Fertleman's medical report be provided to the prison authority for their reference
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