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tights Danielle Blewett | Holding tight & making it work

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-17
I'm late.It's not awkward to be late, but I'm the second one.Last time in the usual "I'm Danielle ...... I'm from... Arrive at the conference table before Nirvana!As I walked up to the very important meeting room upstairs, I felt the elastic band in my tights dead.Like the summary in the morning, my tights are enough and no longer worn.
It was 11.
I walked into the room and realized that my tights had climbed down my ass and headed towards my knees.I'm sure everyone else is sitting.xa0Not noticed.Then,xa0Flexibility is completely out of place.That was when I was forced to try to put my tights on in the least glamorous way;Hang them high enough to stay comfortable for the next 90 minutes.
These guys are falling again, dear readers.Just then, I found a new truth about the convenience of Playboy ...... A woman can walk very comfortably south of Nirvana in tights.
Don't thank me.
This time of year, professional women are changing from wet naked legs to urban uniforms in black opaque tights.If you want to wear a seasonal dress, this bodysuit is now about $25 a pair.This means that many of us will keep our black tights frugally until they are tied together like a bloody black octopus in the bottom drawer of the chaotic dark objectThe worst thing about opaque tights is that they look good before you arrive late for your third consecutive meeting.
It's like they talked to themselves for a while.They are ready to retire ...... Before the weather gets cold enough, they will burst out suddenly and keep them away from the drawers for the next six months.One of my meetings, at two o'clock P.M., was prepared by a much younger woman with her children at a city school.
I have observed how easy it is to be healthy and tired when I get the kids crazy to fit into a working day.Those middle-of-the-Take me to school to sort out an emergency where any drama has an impact on any childxa0-Usually lunch, stick, Easter hat.Was left behind in the morning rush.When the working day is almost over, my other work .
..... Dinner, bath and sleep .
..... Let me get into trouble completely, begging for sleep.30 years fast forwardThe day is almost over.The mind is still beating.At three o'clock P.M., after the buzz of a late lunch fruit bread, the body lost its energy, the coffee disappeared, and someone stole my estrogen.
The sensible, cash-honored old woman will go straight to her local friendly gym where she will do some weight lifting or punch dickens out of a sandbag.Another sensible old woman will briskly change into her orthopedic walking shoes, grab her poodle and go to the river for £ 5000Take a step before heading home and make a healthy dinner for yourself and your husband (if he's still alive ).Of course, there are more ordinary and older working women.
The man who came home with her tights hung under nirvana.The person who found the poodle pad was not rinsed and saw that the kitchen was like a deconstructed memory of the night before, desperately trying to convert all the mental energy in her body into an original scream, scared her tights back in the ass.That is the woman, dear reader, who has used all her energy to write this column.
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