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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-17
The post received more than 4000 comments and 78,070 praises, setting off a storm in the national media.But does the clothes in the department store really make the young girl look like a tramp?Do we make kids sexy by putting on clothes that are usually related to young people?Longford's mother, Talita Bouchart, made children's clothing under her label, "tilleb", which she believes.She is critical of the sexualization she sees as unnecessary for children's clothing.
This is one of the reasons for the mother of two girls.Isabella, 14, and Mahathir, 3Started her business.Sunday's Examiner, Isabel bird, was interviewed this week by Mrs.
Why did you start making children's clothing?I want to do something different...I want to do something that is not made in China, I want to do something older --appropriate.:xa0What's wrong with some children's clothing sold in the department store?I think I saw a T.
The shirt says, "I should be a blow"job?That's on the baby suit.Something like this: inappropriate wording.Too short to show off their midriff tops, short miniSkirt, tight tights covered with nothing, low chest topEven when my daughter was around 12 years old, I remember trying to find the tops and they all had adult cutouts.
It's adult clothing, but it gets smaller for the younger age group.If parents do not agree with these types of clothes, then they can choose not to buy them for their children.Is this not a solution?Yes, of course, but I still think it is the responsibility of the (store) not to own it.
I don't understand why they are doing this. it's not necessary.The Myer catalog was released today with baby outfits under 14 years of age, which are all age-appropriate.Do you think the "tramp" tag that Anna Amini uses on her Facebook post is unfair? Because young girls think these costumes are beautiful, not sexy or homeless?Target knows they're sexy.
Of course, they (young girls) don't know sexy, and they don't know what it really means if they use the word "sexy.What concerns do you have about allowing children to wear these clothes?Young girls do not understand what this means, they are not mature enough to understand.As women, most of us say "I wear whatever I want" and that's fine as long as you reach an age where you can understand the impact.
If a man takes the wrong clothes you wear, you will not see and know how to deal with it as a young girl.Some people say you can't wrap them in cotton wool.I think that is waiting for them until they are mature enough.
It's tough enough for young girls, not to mention getting mixed messages about what type of clothes to wear.What clothes are suitable for girls aged 0 to 14:xa0Do you wear it?Clothes of any type, whether they are trousers, jeans, tights, skirts, but in proper length.It doesn't need to be a dress or shorts that appear behind them.
Not low-Besides the dress, you have to cut your coat...And tights, because they should be worn under clothes, not as a piece of clothing.You should not use the word "sexy" until you are at least 18 years old.
But that is what is happening now.
Sometimes, I think, as mothers, because we are too busy, or for whatever reason, we don't take a stand, but the power of the people can make things happen
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