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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-07
How do you tell people what they don't wear?There are many factors at work in terms of expertise.Our appearance tells us a lot of things;Remember what you are wearing.What do you want your appearance to say to you and your personality?How do you tell people what they don't wear?There are many factors at work in terms of expertise.We all recognize the need for cleanliness and stress, don't we?What about wear and tear on our hair, nails or shoes?I remember interviewing candidates for CEO positions a few years ago.One of the finalists crossed both legs.When he did, I noticed a hole in his shoes.Maybe it shouldn't have impressed me, but it did.Unfortunately, we hired that guy.He proved to be the worst choice ever.Is this hole a hint?Our appearance tells us a lot of things.In the morning, when we are in a hurry to comb our hair, we will miss the small stocks that behaved improperly in the back.When we put on our clothes, we will miss the time when we wear our shirts.If we miss the details, maybe we miss the important details in the proposal as well.Whether you're being interviewed for a big job or finding a big customer, these little things are important.The way you dress reflects your personality.If you're a tech expert or a thinker at Miles Briggs, it's likely that your clothes reflect your cautious style.If you are a person who loves to drive, or a more daring type of character and can't wait for the next exciting moment, it is likely that you will dress up less carefully.People wear gorgeous colors and styles because they believe their clothes will attract others.Dressed in brown or beige, quiet and more personal.I used to have a boss who found a light beige shirt when faced with a bunch of colorful shirts and said it was definitely me.I have to laugh because it is!However, when I wrote this, I wanted to know what message we sent to young people.If you watch TV, you may have seen a episode of CSI (New York, miamimatter is fine ).Scientists at the crime lab, including women and ethnic minorities, are fantastic.What I would like to know is, why do educated women who make up a team of crime labs wear tight tops that expose too much?Yes, you're talking about TV...What did our young people see?Maybe the message they get is that it's OK to wear tight and lowGo to work and cut your coatIf you want to know what you don't wear at work, here is a partial list: 1.Shorts or tops 2.For women, low-3 tops or tops.Worn, unpolished or old tennis shoes.Sparkling jewelry (please don't shine too much at work!) 5.Baseball cap (especially back) 6.Anything see-through 7.High heels 8.Long hair that makes you turn over and over;Either cut a decent hairstyle, pull your hair back or pull it up.10 pink boots.Mickey-Some companies allow people to extend their dress code in a casual environment to show their creativity.Remember, you are the clothes you wear.What do you want your appearance to say to you and your personality?
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