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tight pants how a pair of jeans |

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-23
Modifying the belt on the jeans can be a better way to fit, or a new use from the tight pants, but it's important to remember that unlike the shrink belt, extra fabric, sewing skills or pants stretchers are required to expand the belt.Unless you have previously put the waist of your jeans away with a simple seam, you can remove this seam to zoom in on the jeans again, and you need to be prepared for the fact that expanding the belt requires obvious tailoring.Wear a shirt that you don't need to wear to hide your cut.
Measure your waist to determine the number of belts you need to expand.Visit the local fabric store and buy denim fabrics that match the color and fade of jeans.For the perfect match, please bring your jeans for comparison.
Cut the new denim into two identical wedges.Make sure the width at the bottom of the wedge matches half the length you want to add to the belt diameter, plus enough seams of 1/2.The height should match the height of the belt and there is 1/4 extra space to fold and stitch the seams.
Open the side seam on the belt with scissors or Caulker.If the belt has no seams, cut a straight line along the two sides.Avoid going through the belt and into the body of the jeans.
Use your tape measure to make sure your cut is evenly spaced.Fold on the right side of the bottom of each wedge and sew a seam to finish the fabric.Turn over your jeans.Position one of the wedges on one side of the cut, which is down, and the finished edge is aligned with the top of the belt.
Squeeze the two original seams up, the outer fabric is in contact, and sew the sides together.Expand the cut of the belt so that the relative, unconnected side of the fabric wedge is aligned with the other side of the cut.Squeeze the two original seams up, the outer fabric is in contact, and sew the sides together.
Continue your stitching until you overlap the opposite stitching you do to make sure the other side of the wedge overlaps with the jeans.Trim the excess fabric from the wedge that appears outside the stitching.Use other fabric wedges to repeat on the other side of the belt.
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