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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-08-07
You need to run so many devices, necessary or unnecessary.It is very important to do the most suitable competition.What is necessary and what is better to run?Don't wear socks?How to make running happy?In this article I will let you know how to wear it while running.The extra gear may be socks first, some runners wear socks and some don't.Running expert CharlesSidanmaici thinks it's better to run without socks because you don't need to add extra weight to your sweaty feet, but that's not something that all runners can be sure.I like the feeling that the feet can touch the shoes directly, but the effect is driven by spirit.Anyway, I didn't wear socks and took dozens of marathons without any problems.The special case may be that hot roads can create bubbles for the sake of warm and sunny weather.If it is too hot, the rubber may be penetrated by heat and uncomfortable.If you are lucky enough to find a stream or puddle in this case, it would be helpful to travel from inside in the past.If you decide to run in socks, you have to choose cotton or wool.Some runners think of the skin wearing nylon stockings.If you want to minimize the weight of your feet, it's a good idea to wear a pair of cotton tennis socks.In hot weather, it is better to wear shorts next to nylon openings.These pants can quickly dry and cool.If it's cool, but you don't need to wear trousers, it makes running comfortable to wear cotton pants.But I think this cotton trousers are too hard and thick compared to nylon pants.As a tip to you, I think it would be convenient to have small pocket running pants and you can easily get some candy or toilet paper.If it gets cold, you will wear something to protect your legs.You will be very surprised when the weather is cold enough to wear pants.I'm wearing running shorts close to freezing.I personally think it's a good idea if it's too cold to need pants, not including windy days.The pants will be heavy and look bad, no good for you at all, you can wear it when there is no choice.Sweater, at about 21 degrees, it is easy to make a choice, do not wear.If you participate in the competition, the rules of the Amateur Sports Federation require you to wear a sweater.But in this era of liberation,There are very few requirements from the running staff.If you don't wear a jersey, it will make you feel better and more comfortable.The United States ranked top 10 in April 2.S.Media is the coolest Golf Course Rating and became the first nude golf course in France before voting.The most important rule is that all players should be naked.I think this is a good start to the nude movement, although it may be controversial at the beginning.
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