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the best running leggings shoe designs |

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-22
A pair of customHand-painted shoes can cost a lot of money in vintage and specialty stores.Take a cheaper route and draw your own shoes.With a little talent and some professional paint marks, you can turn an old pair of sneakers into some crazy kicks.
Before trying to turn your favorite shoes into artwork, you may want to practice on a piece of fabric or leather with similar texture, or a pair of spare old shoes.While you can use any type of mark on your shoes, not all marks are waterproof, fade-proof, and apply smoothly.The painting on shoes originated at the same time that graffiti paint marks became popular as a substitute for spray paint in the 1990 s.
Special marks are now used, and almost anything can be tagged with graffiti, including shoes.Before the popularity of paint pens, shoes can be designed inaccurately with paint, as well as sharp and ballpoint pens.However, both Sharpie and ballpoint pens are easily faded, although they are able to provide details that cannot be provided by painting.
Different types of paint pens used on shoes include pens designed for clothing, pens designed for graffiti, and pens designed for leather.Angelus leather paint is widely regarded as the best mark to use when making custom leather sneakers.Shoes always look best when they are white at first.
In this way, the color of the paint will not be mixed with any other basic color on the sneakers.Angelus leather paint marked with standard color, neon color and metal color, water-resistant.For waterproof and durable shoes, you can apply or spray acrylic finish on your sneakers.
Leather paint marks like Angelus are available only in professional art shops, graffiti shops or on the Internet.Some stores may require you to be 18 years old to purchase paint marks, and others may place them behind glass boxes.This is for the safety of individuals who may want to purchase markers in bulk in response to the chemical smoke emitted by these markers.
Don't let these safety measures stop you from buying the marks you need to create a shoe design.Explain to the sales staff that you are working on an art project that requires more than one mark to complete the project.Angelus leather paint marks can also be used for leather pants, furniture, light-Color gift shoes, leather bags and other items made of leather or faux leather.
If you want to draw shoes that are not leather, such as Fabrico double-tip fabric marks and Molotow marks.If you want to paint shoes made of materials other than leather or fabric, the Uni Posca extra wide line mark is a waterproof mark designed for plastic, wood, glass, and other materials.Use paint marks only in WellsVentilation area.
Because most paint marks are permanent, place a newspaper on the surface of your work.Do not breathe or breathe in paint marks.Do not expose the child to all the paint marks.Before wearing or washing, let the paint on the shoes dry for at least 48 hours.
Apply a spray or paint sealant on a dry paint coating to prevent the color from bleeding or fading.Don't try to buy paint marks if you're under 18
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