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the best running leggings A Beginners Guide to the SCA

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-13
the best running leggings A Beginners Guide to the SCA

So you decided to join the creative age error Society, aka SCA, wassail, and welcome to the joy of the Middle Ages.One of the most common problems new members face when joining SCA is that there are a lot of information that members know but don't pass, or, but that information is outdated and no longer useful.With this shot, I would like to maintain a list of the latest resources for the new SCA members.

That is, what is this SCA that you always talk about?
SCA is an international association for the recurrence of educational history focusing on the European Court of Justice 17 centuries ago.SCA was running since 1966, when a group of historical geek friends in Berkeley, California, held a large-scale outdoor party with medieval themes.Since then, SCA has started a whole new life.

So you're interested in joining SCA, but don't know how to find us?SCA geography is a bit sketchy for those who are not used to it, let me help you find your local group and start your SCA journey.

The World of Knowledge Manual is a great resource for SCA novices.It's full of advice on how to make the most of SCA.If you only purchased a resource manual on SCA, then this is the book to be purchased.
Garb -
Take part in any event you need to try in the 17 th century.It doesn't need a perfect, simple T-shirt and jogging pants for men, or for women, the Viking apron outfit is good enough.As you move on, you will find that you want to buy a more refined outfit, but at the beginning, just buy a simple outfit.

If it is not convenient for you to use the needle and thread, Garb will always be purchased.Not the cheapest option and you won't get the best outfits either, but for those who look like you, you can find the outfits.

If you're not even sure you'll like SCA, why buy or go and make your own outfit, good idea.The third option when considering what to wear is the golden key.The Golden Key is a rental costume reserved by most groups for novices.Find your local group contact list and look for Chatelaine or Castillion, a new member contact who should know how to find the gold key costume for you.

Everyone in SCA has at least two names, their legal name and their social name.My name, for example, is Lord Aleda Dona in society (although not officially registered ).

Your SCA name will always be with you, and if you start your SCA career thinking you want to be a Nordic, but suddenly turn to the Italian Renaissance, your name will no longer fitFirst feel the SCA, understand what you like, appreciate what culture, and then start the process of picking your name.Now give a warning that some people might go into SCA and know exactly what they want, and if that's you, then maybe it's time to start working on your name.That said, there is no limit to the number of times you change your social name, you can actually register multiple names, but what people say you won't change easily, because most people will insist that they know your name, it is difficult for people to call you by a new name.

What is the name of SCA?
SCA's explanation of SCA names.

This is one of the best name sources on the Internet.

Each kingdom, each Barony has its own reward structure, but they follow a basic pattern.Regardless of the Kingdom, the first prize is the weapons Award (AoA ).This award grants you the right to shape yourself, and this award may be skipped, but you can get rewards for a number of award levels that automatically award You weapons rewards.SCA has three main concerns, each with its own awards.Art and Science, service and martial arts are the three key points.You can get a reward level reward for either of the three focus points, and you will automatically get it if you don't have AoA.
After the award, it is the award.The basic reward at this level is the weapon reward, which rarely gets a simple weapon reward, and most people get an authorized reward in the focus area.Award level awards grant you the right to design the style for the Honorable Lord/Lady.In Ealdormere, awarding a grade Award is an order, which means that an order must be accepted for awarding a grade award.
After the grade was awarded, it was the nobility.Viscount is the highest honor available in SCA.The nobles are of the whole society and will be with you even if you move the kingdom.

Fight for martial arts.This gives you the right to call yourself the jazz or Knight of the kingdom.This also gives you the right to wear a white belt, the color that is reserved in SCA, and only the knight can wear it.

Serving the kingdom and society.This gives you the right to call yourself mistress, Lady, or master.This also grants you the right to use a pelican as an arm and wear a medal that identifies you as a pelican.

Art and Science.Laurel has the right to design style for her mistress or master.They have the right to wear the laurel crown or medal and the laurel wreath on their arms.

Priority is basically the rank of a kingdom.This is also the order in which you should recognize the nobility in court.The most important thing is the current monarch, then the visiting monarch, followed by the heir, and then the visiting heir.After the arrival of the direct royal family members, the Baron and the Baroness, starting with the Baron's landing Baron and the Baroness, you are now followed by all the other landing barons and Baroness, and then the court baron andAfter that was the nobility, and so on.Often in court, it is admitted that there is no need to go further than landing the Baron and the Baroness.
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