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teal running pants Tasmanian harness trainers and drivers growing moustaches for charity

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-15
Some of the Tasmania state's leading harness players will play slightly different races next month.In addition to coaches and drivers from each state, theyxa0Participationxa0In the annual campaign fundRaisinsxa0For the health of menHost Rohan Hilli also convinced his brother Troy andxa0Barry, Gareth and Todd Ratey, Adrian Collins, Ricky Dugan and Christian sorte will growxa0Or try to growxa0Leave a respectable moustache in just 30 days."This is the first time we have done this in the state of Tasmania," said Rohan Hillier .
"Next year, they will considerxa0Let the participating drivers wear something different.xa0Like a female driver.xa0Their.xa0Promotion of breast cancer cyan pants.Each campaign member participant is looking for a personal sponsor and all the money raised is spent on a male health program.One rule is Participants.xa0Must start this month cleanshaven.The Movember Foundation is a global charity that aims to change a shocking statistic.
xa0Men die six years earlier than women on average.For the second time in a month, a record of Mowbray was canceled.Falco Bobby G is considered a milerate of 1:59.
7xa0He won 2200 on Sunday night.
The previous record was 1:59.
However, the official results released on Monday listed the time of Fernco Bobby G as 2: 01.1.When I Barney Rubble won the same trip last month, he was considered a record time of 1: 59.Later changed to 2: 00.5
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