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teal running pants Mowbray Racecourse to host the best women on the racetrack for International Women's Day

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-15
Mowbray Racecourse will host the first Australian women's jockey championship on the eve of International Women's Day on Wednesday, March 7, and show the power of racing girls in the second race, four days later, the first Australian women's driver championship will be held in the same location.In a sport that one day predicts more female riders than male riders, women are constantly breaking through physical barriers.Female jockeyxa0The lineup of the jockey championship has just been confirmed and will include Segi Carr (Tas), Claire lindopp, Raquel Clark (SA Jessica Eaton (Vic), vinona Costin, Rachel Murray (New State), Aranna Van Court (Qld)Both George Catania (Tas) and Tiffany Brook (Qld) were injured and there were still replacements.
Female driver lineup:xa0Including the famous Kailin Manning, Kate Garth, Danielle Hill and Amanda Turnbull, the local flag is hung by Natalie Emory and Christie Grant.The two tournaments will be decided on the basis of points in multiple competitions, both of which will bring $5000, $1000 and $500 bonus to the three players.The race meeting on Wednesday extended 2018 Sky Racing Tasman summer racing carnival from the traditional final on Launceston Cup day held yesterday, so we have a lot of opportunities to go to the track and feel the excitement.
On Sunday, March 11, the driver's championship, also held in Launceston, will have 12 riders from all over Australia (two in each state) wearing teal pants on the last night of the Teal 2018 team, raise funds for ovarian cancer research and awareness.The event attracted drivers from all over the world.Vaughan Lynch, ceo of Tasracing, said he will show the influence of women in the safety belt code.
Drivers traveling to Tasmania state included Victoria's Kerryn Manning and Kate Gath and Queensland's Narissa McMullen.Tasmania island is subsidized by Natani diamond sand and Yang Gongru.Lynch said that while he was very happy to see mainstream sports recognize women's participation, it was something the racing industry has been practicing for years.
"Racing cars allow women to compete equally with men," he said ."."The opportunity to celebrate and promote the achievements of the country's best jockey in five days, and to ride drivers in the same city and state is a unique and important opportunity
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