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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-31
As we all know, the current form of T-shirt design has evolved from lightweight cotton underwear worn by soldiers during the First World War to today's, 1920 of the term "T -"Shirt \ "included in merryam-Webster's DictionaryWhen the Second World War broke out, the Navy and the army included T-Shirt as standard problem.All the different t-The shirt design has become a multi-functional garment that is probably the most popular garment known to Americans.A survey shows that more than 90% of Americans have a "favorite T-shirt" that could be an interesting T-shirt, or a graphic T-shirt, or one of a variety of T-shirt designs.
White is clearly the most popular color for T-shirts, followed by blue and black.Most Americans have more than 10 T-shirts, more than one billion!Obviously, if you line them up, they will go around the Earth 34 times!Not only do young people have a lot of T-shirts, but older people almost like T-shirts as well. people think that the primary reason for loving T-shirts is comfort.
T-shirts have always been a way to make statements or protest.The hippie movement relies on T-shirts to make statements through their unique tie and dye, batik and psychedelic T-shirts.Since the 1970 s, when Americans wanted to make a protest against the Vietnam War, information television has been popular.
Among those celebrities who wish to make a clothing statement through a T-shirt, Britney Spears and her screen-printed T-shirt immediately came to mind.She was seen holding a T-shirt and saying "it will be a lady soon "."I am the American dream ."Then dating ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, she shows up with a T-shirt that says "dump him "!At the premiere of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a pregnant MS spear was found to have a custom vest with the words "I have a gold ticket" and the arrow pointed to her stomach.
Tees is also a way for celebrities to influence political views among the crowd,Listeners often wear T-shirts, declare allegiance to one or other candidates, and even encourage people to vote with the words "Vote or death" on celebrity T-shirts such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay-Hilton and Ashton Kutcher.This trend of non-customization is very popular in T-shirts, with Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff and other teen idols taking t-The trend of the shirt is to wear a T-shirt with a missing collar or a shortened bottom, or a T-shirt with designer distress or wear.Custom T-shirts by Adam Sachs are considered works of art and are favored by celebrities such as pink, Jennifer Lopez and Lily King.
This high visibility of star custom T-shirts makes people more inclined to wear their own custom T-shirtsThey can design or customize their own shirts according to their own taste and requirements.As a result, websites that offer people the choice to design or customize their own T-shirts or hold T-shirt design contests are becoming more and more popular
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