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tank top Student jailed for stealing goods from Myer and David Jones, selling them on eBay

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-22
At the beginning of 2014, Amanda Munks started a crime by stealing a small bottle of nail polish.Within six months.xa0University students of Wollongongxa0Has been establishedxa0Axa0Healthy business built on her ability to swipe cardsxa0A lot of very idealxa0The goods were not found and then ockxa0They buy cash online.She's Myer and David Jones.xa0Playground,xa0Ebay online marketplace'xa0Axa0Seemingly endlessxa0Cash-Thank you.
xa0Brand-Obsessed shoppersxa0Eager for bargains.However, in the later stages, buyers mayxa0Stumbled across a different purpose in monks's online store:xa0Analyst at Myerxa0Working and growing in the company's fraud teamxa0Be skeptical about the large number of discounted seasonal clothing on monks's website and start monitoring closely.Less than a week laterxa0When the monks list onexa0Mint-Bardot color 12xa0Can top for sale.
This item is new to the Myer store, and with a brief inspection of the national inventory level, the analyst can only determine that a 12 th item has been sold --xa0Go to the Myer One cardholders in Victoria.The quick-Purchasing thinking analystxa0Get her from the monksxa0Full name of Bankxa0Details and address of package arrival.The fraud team reported the incident to the police, who raided the monks.
xa0On October 31, the international dormitory found an as worth $11,000-yet-Unsold items including Seafolly bikini, Mimco clutch and various brands-Name the clothing, and the device to remove the store security label.Monkey.xa0EBay records show that at the time of her arrest, she had made a profit of $11,000 from 370 items sold between February and October.Monks told police that she stopped collecting Centrelink study fees in June and used the cash to cover daily living expenses.
Defensexa0Lawyerxa0Matthew Barnes.
xa0Urge the court to enforcexa0Suspended for his continued sentence.xa0However, magistrate Michael Stodart said that such punishment was inappropriate given the seriousness of the conduct of the monks."There is a need to convey to the community the message that such behavior cannot be tolerated.
He sentenced the monks to at least eight months in prison.She filed a stern appeal and was released on bail to the new state district court on November
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