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tank top Jo Palmer | Triumph of one small soul

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-22
From time to time we are fortunate enough to witness a moment that inspires you.At the recent teen Tasmanian surf life-saving Championship, the beach offers far more services than the sun and waves.Spread hundreds of children on Burnie's foreshore, wearing a surf cap and a high vis vest, which means it's hard for you to know which child is yours.
But a young girl, dressed in the same clothes as everyone else, is taller than everyone else.This is the Ironman project, there is an open water swimming in her age group, followed by a wooden board.When the starter's gun rang, the tongs burst into the waves.
By the 40-There are three different groups;Those who are in the front, those in the middle of the backpack, those who struggle in the big waves.But then there was a young girl who went a little further.The swim leg would be her challenge, but she did not look back at the coast at one time.
Her eyes are always in front.
The water safety officer was swimming next to her, but she didn't reach out at one time.xa0Ask for helpEarly leadersxa0Finished the leg tourxa0Grab their board.xa0Headedxa0Back in the waves.The young girl is still swimming, though sometimes it looks like she doesn't even move.
Slowly, all the attention turned to the brave young competitor.The game won when she finished the first part, soxa0If she had finished playing there then, who would have blamed her?But it's not in her plan.The girl picked up the only plank left on the beach and ran back to the ocean.
Her mother, knowing that she had witnessed something very special about her child, began to cry.The mom knew what her daughter needed to finish the game, as the rest of us looked at, and there was nothing she could do to help except screaming encouragement from the shore.We only cheer for one competitor now ...... She succeeded in the end!It doesn't matter which surf club she comes from, because at that moment she represents everything from the surf life-saving stationxa0To.
She persisted, she didn't give up, she finished the match she promised, and in my opinion she was the champion of the whole match.I had to stop myself from grabbing this kid I didn't know and giving her the biggest hug.I am so proud of her and very luckyxa0Witnessxa0The moment in her life.
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