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tank top how to make a tank top dress for kids | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-03
Turn the vest into a lovely little girl's skirt with a handkerchief skirt hem in over an hour!All you need is a sewing machine and some basic sewing necessities to make a simple vest dress.For the size of 12 months to 10 years, this is a free pattern direction, a perfect item for beginnersSenior tailor.

Cut a skirt pattern using the above dimensions.
Quilting cotton is usually 44 \ "wide.This will apply to all sizes except size 10.Look for 48 \ "wide or larger fabrics for this age group.
We will fold the fabric into four so that we can cut the waist with a suitable angle.To do this, first put your rectangular skirt cloth flat.Fold the fabric in half so that the two are longof-The original edge of the fabric meets.
Fold your fabric in half again so the width of bothof-The original edges of the fabric meet and give you a right angle fold angle.

Fold the edge from a right angle and mark the length of the radius away from the pointed angle using a tape measure.
Continue to move the tape measure in an arc, moving outward from the sharp corners, from the edge of one folded skirt to the other.Mark the radius using a fabric marker to measure the position of the hit.
Follow the mark you made in the previous step and carefully cut off the quarterly circle of the right angle fold angle.This is the waist of your skirt.
Fold the outer four edges of the rectangular skirt 1/4 \ "to the wrong side of the fabric and press.Fold 1/4 \ "to the wrong side again, then press and close the original edge inside.Sew around the hem with a straight needle.
Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut the bottom of the top of the tank.Measure the appropriate number of inches down from the bottom of the arm opening (top of the side seam) and then go straight through.
Don't throw away the bottom of your tank top!In the next steps, you can use it as a belt for the skirt.
You will notice that the waist of the skirt is slightly larger than the hem of your vest.This is good!If it is the same size, you will not be able to comfortably put the skirt on the child's head.
Select the stitching settings on the machine that are suitable for using knitted fabrics.This can be the "stretch" needle, the "double lock" needle, the "3" needleStep the twists and turns 'needle, or often' zigzag 'zig' needle.When sewing with knitting, it also helps to use the "ball point" needle.Since we are using knitted and woven fabrics, ordinary needles can also work.
Slide the vest over the waist of the skirt and match the bottom edge of the vest with the top and right side of the skirt waist.
Nail the skirt on the vest in 4 placesCenter on front and back, and side.
Sew the skirt to the bottom of your vest and stretch the vest as you sew to match the width of the skirt waist.Complete the waist seam with serger, zig stitch (again, stretch when stitching) or pinking scissors.
Hate the idea of throwing away the bottom of your tank top?You can turn it into a simple belt for your skirt!
Squeeze the side seam at the bottom of your tank top together so it doesn't exceed 2-4 \ "wide (small width = smaller child depending on your child's age ).
Push the side seam of the top of the tank through the sewing machine, the fabric is all piled up.Sew a straight line and walk back and forth several times on a bunched fabric.Both sides repeat.
If you need to, put the skirt on the child's head, put the belt on the waist and put it on!
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