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tank top how to cut the sleeves off a long shirt | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-04
While it's easy to spend money on a new vest, you can redesign your old shirt for free by cutting off your sleeves.According to the design of the shirt, as long as you have a sharp pair of scissors that can go through the fabric cleanly, you can easily take off your sleeve and convert it into a sleeveless top.For a polished look, measure the sleeves before cutting them so that the sleeves are even.
Place the shirt on a flat surface and adjust the seam gauge to 1/2.The distance from the edge of the sleeve hole is 1 1/2 measured using the seam measuring instrument.
Mark 1 1/2 points on the sleeve with white chalk from the tailor.The mark indicates where you will cut the sleeves.
Place the ruler on the mark to make it parallel to the sleeve hole seam.Draw a line on the ruler with chalk, which will help you remember where to cut.
Pierce the sides of the shirt with a pin, close to the top of the edge of the sleeve hole, and then push the sharp edge of the pin up to secure the fabric.Slide the sleeves down to make sure the fabric is aligned.
Pierce the bottom of the edge of the sleeve hole with a pin, through both sides of the fabric to maintain its position.
Cut along the chalk with sharp fabric scissors.
Measure the other sleeve equally with the seam gauge and repeat the marking, pinning and cutting process.
According to the instructions on the clothing label, wash the shirt and wash out the chalk.
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