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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-18
Don't give up those old T-shirts yet!Even if you wear the rest of your shirt so badly, you can use the front panel to make warm, soft shirts, quilting blankets, all memories related to your favorite shirt will be saved.If you don't have enough T-The shirt fabric makes the whole blanket and you can complete your project with old linen or quilting cotton in complementary colors.Press the T-The shirt is flat and coated with spray starch if possible to make the fabric easier to handle.
Let the starch dry before you continue--Depending on the extent of your saturated fabric, this can take between 20 and 30 minutes.Cut using a quilting ruler, empty frame or cardboard as a templateEach shirt has a size panel on the front.As long as the cuts are the same, they can be of any size;In your blanket, each one will be a block.
Lay the cut-The panel on the floor, or, if you have, the design wall of the quilting machine ---an extra-A large ball nailed to the empty wall.Shuffle-Take the panel out before you are satisfied with the layout of your blanket.If you need more blocks from T-Shirt crumbs or old sheets.
You can also use quilting cotton in complementary colors, but pay attention to the print that is loud and distracting and will eventually distract your T-Shirt as focus.Fabric cutting strips placed between cutsout blocks;This is called sashing.Each block should have a complete sashing \ "frame \": a 1.
5-inch-Wide strips at the top and bottom, a 1.5-inch-One width per side.5-inch-The square part of each corner to complete the "frame" around each block ".Side-by-The neighborhood next to them can share the pieces with their neighbors.
Stitch each row of chopped pieces or pieces together and work down from the top row.Put the right side of the fabric sheet together and use.25-Seam allowance in inches.When sewing, flatten the seam.Stitch the rows together again using.25-Inch sewing allowance, complete the front blanket.
Spread the front of the blanket and use it as a template to cut old sheets or large pieces of fabric into the same size ---This will be our backing.Spread the backing fabric out, put it on the wrong side, and put a ball on it.Cut the batting to be 1 inch narrower and 1 inch shorter than the backing fabric.
Apply basting adhesive on the wrong side of the backing fabric.Place the center of the ball on the backing and smooth it to attach it.Lay the blanket on the floor and face up on the right.
Put the cushion on top and face down on the right.Pin along the edge.Use a to stitch around all four edges of the blanket5-Seam allowance in inches, but leave an opening wide enough for your blanket to turn out from the inside.You should sew more or less outside the edge of the bat.
Reach through the gap and turn the blanket over.Hit the whip needle with your hand, or sew the last stitch with an invisible machine to narrow the gap.Press the edges to create neat seams.Sew the blanket by going straight through all three layers of fabric in your chosen pattern.
This prevents the batting from separating or falling into pieces when the carpet is cleaned.If you don't take into account a specific quilting pattern, you can "sew in a ditch "--Stitch along each seam you create when you stitch and block.Stitch the profile around any logo or pattern inside T-shirt blocks.
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